Grid Scale Batteries

The Grid Scale Batteries Emerging Market Analysis research delivers current market analysis plus a five year market and technology forecast. 

Grid Scale Batteries Market Continues to Impress Post Pandemic

The grid scale batteries market had robust growth in 2021, despite the pandemic. This was driven by the fact that the shift to renewable generation has not slowed, but actually accelerated as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, owing to easy monetary and fiscal policy, “build back better” programs focusing on sustainability, and the continuing reduction in technology costs. In addition to aggressive fiscal policy, central banks in the world’s largest economies slashed interest rates to zero. With borrowing costs low, investors are finding it easier to finance energy storage installations

Grid Scale Batteries Strategic Issues

Grid Scale Batteries market trendsIn addition to providing a five-year market forecast, the Grid Scale Batteries market research report provides detailed quantitative current market data and addresses key strategic issues as follows.

Plan for the Future of a Storage Project from the Start

Energy storage is a sizeable investment, especially within an industry where large capital infrastructure expenditure is less common. Planning ahead and making the right early choices can save a lot of money and time in the future. One consideration needs to be the potential for revenue stacking—utilizing your storage assets for more than one function, improving the feasibility of the investment. This can mean using batteries to shave off a demand peak to avoid an onerous utility fee, capturing excess on-site solar power midday, providing services to the grid, and so on. Opportunities to provide grid services are quickly increasing as regulators worldwide move toward more integrated and democratic energy service markets, so if it is not possible at the moment, it likely will be within the project lifespan. Deciding how to best optimize power capacity deployment for the different available use cases on a given day will require sophisticated software from the supplier. Planning for desired use cases, now and in the future, will also help determine what storage capacity is needed. If this figure is likely to grow as new use cases become available/economic, look for suppliers offering modular storage solutions that can scale with your needs down the line.

Choose an Integrated Supplier Who Can Do It All

Deploying an energy storage project can be an overwhelming endeavor, especially if this is the first time for the organization, or if you are coming from an industry outside of the power sector such as retail, real estate, or higher education. As part of the deployment, you will have to properly define the assets’ mission profile and your likely future scaling needs in a changing regulatory and business environment, then size/architect the project accordingly. To make things easier and ensure that you are ready for the future, choose an integrated supplier who can provide everything you will need themselves. This means a partner who can work with you through the planning/consulting phase, to installation and continuing support/maintenance, as well as providing all the hardware and intuitive software you will need to be successful. In addition buyers need to have a clear plan for operating their batteries, which is typically a 24/7 activity.

Take Advantage of the Government Programs Available

For years, one key enabler of clean technology projects has been government programs. Though vast price reductions have meant that projects are more and more likely to be economic without any help, a variety of incentive and subsidy schemes exist today. These vary by country, and even different states and regions within a given country will have their own policy to promote energy storage projects. These range from investment tax credits (ITCs), government rebate programs, and feed-in tariff schemes, to accelerated depreciation schedules, and more. Many of these come with strings attached, such as only applying when paired with renewable generation. Buyers should study the local policies wherever they intend to deploy to improve their bottom line and take note of legislation in the works, as a program that may come into effect next year could change your calculus for the deployment schedule.

Market Data Research Available Datasets

This in-depth market data research is available as a Market Growth Outlook Service.  This service is configured into several sub-modules to meet the needs of executives as well as marketing, sales, and product development managers.  A brief description of the sub-modules and their use cases is included below.

Market Growth Outlook

ARC’s market growth outlook service delivers an in-depth market opportunity analysis including five-year market and technology forecasts and 3-year history trend lines where available. Besides providing an in-depth analysis of the market opportunity provided by each technology, this service allows technology suppliers to analyze their own customized markets consisting of multiple technologies. For example, customers can view different market scenarios by adding or removing technology markets from the analysis, providing them a Total Available Market (TAM) view of their own served market. A list of the available market growth outlook services can be seen in the list below.  

This service is designed to help accelerate your organization's ability to understand an up-to-date view of the market opportunity provided by your current product portfolio and analyze how your company’s market opportunity would change if you were to acquire or divest a particular product line. The service will also help you identify and capitalize on emerging markets, whether these markets are based on an emerging technology, region, vertical industry, or application. Built upon a proprietary market model and ARC’s field proven primary research, this service helps product and marketing managers optimize their business plans by identifying the opportunities provided by emerging trends. ARC’s reputation as the preeminent independent provider of market growth opportunity analyses for nearly four decades also provides greater weight to your business plans. ARC’s market growth outlook services are available in a variety of formats depending on whether you view your market opportunities via different technologies, industries, or world regions.  

In addition, ARC has a strong history of providing customized market opportunity reports and services to meet your specific needs.  For example, you may sell your products only to specific industries and/or in only one or two regions. You tell us your served markets and ARC can quickly configure a report or service designed to best serve your served market.

ARC provides several versions of these reports and services depending on your role in the organization. Executive Views are high level market opportunities designed to help executives quickly identify key trends and market opportunities around the world.  In-depth market opportunity analyses provide marketing and product managers more detailed technology specific market information to plan marketing and product development strategies.  The following table shows more specific information included in each version.

Market Growth Outlook AnalysisUse CasesTarget Role
Worldwide Market Growth Outlook by Industry & Region with 3-year history where availableIn-depth technology-specific strategic growth planning across multiple technologies, applications, regions, and industriesProduct & Marketing Managers
Worldwide Industry Growth Outlook by Region with 3-year history where availableStrategic technology growth planning for markets defined by a single or multiple vertical industriesIndustry Managers
Regional/Country Market Growth Outlook by Technology & Industry with 3-year history where available (includes country data)Strategic technology growth planning for markets defined by a single or multiple world regionsRegional & Country Sales Managers
Market Growth Outlook Executive ViewStrategic Total Available Market (TAM) growth planning dashboard covering multiple vertical industries, technologies, and world regionsExecutives

Worldwide Market Research Areas

Strategic Analysis

  • Market Trends
  • Strategies for Buyers
  • Strategies for Product Suppliers
  • Growth Contributors
  • Growth Inhibitors

Competitive Analysis

  • Market Share Analysis
  • Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers

Emerging Market Size and Forecast

  • Total Grid Scale Batteries Business
  • Shipments by Region
    • North America
    • Europe, Middle East, Africa
    • Asia
    • Latin America
  • Shipments by Revenue Category
    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Services
  • Shipments by Mode
    • Backup Power
    • Demand Charge Management
    • Grid Ancillary Services
    • Load Shifting & Microgrid
    • Renewable Energy Integration
    • T&D Investment Deferral
  • Shipments by Storage Type
    • Electrolytic
    • Flow
  • Shipments by Customer
    • Commercial
    • Investor-Owned Utilities
    • Large State-Owned Utilities
    • Municipal/Coop

Industry Participants

The research identifies all relevant suppliers serving this market. 

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