Industrial Cybersecurity Services

This report provides granular information about the industrial/OT cybersecurity services market.  This includes market size and growth forecasts for industrial/OT cybersecurity services across different global regions, industrial sectors, and product categories.  The report also discusses key suppliers across the various market segments.  

Industrial Cybersecurity Services: A Foundation for Secure Critical Infrastructure

ARC Industrial/OT Cybersecurity Maturity ModelThe industrial/OT Cybersecurity Services market experienced strong growth in recent years.  Increased awareness of cyber risks, governmental actions, and more comprehensive regulations accelerated investments in assessments, and the implementation of more advanced defenses.  Companies are also recognizing the need for more cybersecurity managed-services support from third parties.  

ARC research shows good growth opportunities for suppliers that understand the challenges and significant changes occurring in this market.  This report provides the insight suppliers need to navigate this dynamic landscape.     

Industrial Cybersecurity Strategic Issues

The safety, environmental, and financial risks of an OT cyber compromise are simply too large for industrial companies to ignore. Operational changes are also creating new security challenges that must be addressed.  Lack of people and expertise will demand more use of third party services.

Following are some other factors that will impact growth in the industrial/OT cybersecurity endpoint protection solutions market.     

Ongoing Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals  

Strong growth in this market shows that industrial organizations are already dedicated to filling critical cybersecurity resource gaps.  This will only grow in future years.      

Increased Concern about Sophisticated Attacks and Ransomware 

Cyber-attack surfaces have expanded significantly, and threats have become more sophisticated. Maintaining defenses has never been more important and challenging. The need for rapid detection and response has likewise grown as it has emerged as the primary defense against sophisticated attacks. Addressing these issues requires more cybersecurity personnel and expertise. Companies will increasingly see third party services as the most cost effective way to address these requirements.    

Increased Sophistication of Solutions Favor Third Party Support 

Cybersecurity technology is becoming more granular and sophisticated. The expertise and time required to configure and maintain these solutions is growing accordingly. This, combined with the reluctance of most industrial companies to invest in additional staff, should increase the demand for third-party support of security maintenance activities such as vulnerability management and monitoring and response.   

Increasing Influence of CISOs and CIOs in OT Cybersecurity 

Convergence of IT and OT cybersecurity strategies is expanding the role of IT leaders in OT cybersecurity decisions and accelerating efforts to rationalize service support strategies.  Sales efforts focused on plant and corporate engineering staffs will no longer suffice.  To survive, industrial/OT cybersecurity service providers will need to develop strong relationships with corporate IT leaders and leading IT cybersecurity solution providers.

Evolution of Industrial Cybersecurity Services Market 

The industrial/OT cybersecurity services market is evolving. More control system integrators are offering cybersecurity services. Large IT service providers are partnering with or acquiring smaller ICS service providers to establish a foothold in the OT security market and satisfy requests for integrated IT-OT support from large industrial clients. ARC expects that these kinds of developments will restructure market roles and drive more use of industrial/OT cybersecurity services.

Industrial Cybersecurity Spans Many Product and Service Markets

The Industrial/OT Cybersecurity market spans several different technology and service categories.  Following are all the reports in ARC’s coverage of the industrial/OT cybersecurity market:

  • Industrial/OT Network Security Solutions
  • Industrial/OT Endpoint Protection Solutions
  • Industrial/OT Cybersecurity Management Solutions
  • Industrial/OT Secure Connectivity Solutions
  • Industrial/OT Cybersecurity Services  


Industrial Cybersecurity Services Formats and Editions

This market research may be purchased as a concise, executive-level Market Analysis Report (PDF).  Formats available are listed below: 

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Table of contents is shown below.

Worldwide Research Focus Areas

Strategic Analysis

  • Industrial/OT Cybersecurity Services Requirements
  • Trends Driving Use of Cybersecurity Services for OT Systems
  • Strategies for Buyers and Suppliers

Scope of Research

  • Market Forecasts by Region
  • Market Forecasts by Industry
  • Market Forecasts by Cybersecurity Service Categories

Market Size & Forecast

  • Total Industrial/OT Cybersecurity Services Revenues
  • Revenues by Region
    • North America
    • Europe, Middle East, Africa
    • Asia
    • Latin America
  • Revenues by Major Vertical Industry
    • Electrical Power Generation and T&D
    • Chemical and Petrochemical
    • Oil & Gas
    • Automotive, Pharmaceutical, and Food & Beverage
    • Water & Wastewater
    • Other Manufacturing
    • Other Critical Infrastructure
  • Revenues by Service Type
    • Assessments
    • Design & Implementation
    • Managed Services

Industry Participants

The research identifies the leading suppliers serving this market. 

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