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The industrial robotics market analysis report delivers current market analysis plus a five-year market forecast.  

Big Changes in the Industrial Robotics Landscape

New ARC research on the Total Industrial Robot market reveals significant changes in the use of industrial robots. The automotive industry faces two challenges: the change of production to e-cars and supply chain problems. Supply chain problems have forced many automobile manufacturers to reduce their production numbers. However, the use of robots in logistics is on a solid growth path with the increase in online shopping due to the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, the market for the new generation of collaborative robots (cobots) is gaining momentum with significant growth rates.

ARC’s Total Industrial Robot market is segmented by sales of hardware, software, and services. Software for industrial robots is becoming increasingly important to fulfill Industry 4.0 / Industry IoT requirements. Robot suppliers already offer several software packages and services as an option for the robot itself, with built-in control and robot software. Such software is for cloud platform applications that include remote monitoring and predictive maintenance.

Industrial Robotics Market Strategic Issues

Industrial Robotics market trendsIn addition to providing a five-year market forecast, the Industrial Robotics Market Research Report provides detailed quantitative current market data and addresses key strategic issues as follow.

Utilize the Appropriate Industrial Robot Available

The choice of the right robot depends on the application. If you are faced with the question of whether you need a large industrial robot or a smaller flexible robot, you have to carefully check whether this robot also fulfills its purpose as optimally as possible. Process speed and cycle times are a factor, as are space requirements and payload. How much precision is required, is the robot versatile, and can it support the worker effectively? Possible extensions in the future should also be considered. Robot suppliers, as well as system integrators, with a large portfolio of solutions for all applications, should be able to provide comprehensive advice to the customer.

Robot or Cobot

It also needs to be considered whether the application needs a close cooperation between the human workforce and the robot. In such cases, traditional robots with a robot cell may hinder the access of the workers and slow down the production throughput. It needs to be verified whether or not a cobot is the better choice. All major robot suppliers offer traditional industrial robots which work in a robot cell as well as cobots, and therefore, it is recommend that buyers should not decide upfront before consulting with the robot suppliers on their application.

Make your Decision Based on Price and Other Costs

The purchase price reflects only a small share of the overall cost of industrial robots. Programming, integration, maintenance, and engineering time out-weigh by far the initial purchase price. When considering offerings for new industrial robotic systems, compare total lifecycle costs rather than pricing.

Industrial Robotics Research Formats and Editions Available

This market research may be purchased as a MIRA Service, an Excel Workbook, and/or as a Market Analysis Report (PDF). MIRA Services help unlock the full benefits of ARC’s market intelligence, making the data more actionable for you by adding qualitative context to our market data in an online environment unique to each customer. Regional editions include country and industry market data. Formats available are listed below:

MIRA Services MIRA Workbook Market Analysis PDF
Annual Subscription Yes No No
Worldwide (includes regional data) Yes Yes Yes

Table of contents for this research is shown in the following paragraphs.

Worldwide Research Focus Areas

Strategic Analysis

  • Executive Overview
  • Major Market Trends
  • Buyer Strategies
  • Supplier Strategies
  • Growth Contributors and Inhibitors

Market Forecast Analysis

  • Total Shipments of Industrial Robotics
  • Shipments by Region
    • North America
    • Europe, Middle East, Africa
    • Asia
    • Latin America
  • Shipments by Revenue Category 
    • Hardware
    • Services 
    • Software
  • Shipments by Industry
    • Automotive
    • Electronics & Electrical
    • Food & Beverage
    • Machinery Manufacturing
    • Mining
    • Pharmaceutical & Biotech 
    • Semiconductors
    • Transportation & Logistics
  • Shipments by Robot Type
    • Articulated
    • Collaborative
    • Delta
    • Gantry
    • SCARA
  • Shipments by Application Type
    • Assembling
    • Cleanroom
    • Dispensing (Painting)
    • Handling
    • Processing (Laser, Metal Cutting)
    • Welding
  • Shipments by Sales Channel
  • Shipments by Customer Type

Industry Participants

The research identifies all relevant suppliers serving this market.  

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