Drones in the Construction Industry

The Drones in Construction Industry Market Research delivers current market analysis plus a five year market and technology forecast. 

Drone-based Imagery Taking Off in the Construction Industry

This market analysis report focuses on the engineering design tools (EDT) and building information modeling (BIM) applications that use high-resolution imagery captured from a drone for construction and infrastructure projects.  A drone, with its onboard camera, is just a tool for capturing images, and the EDT and BIM are the true essence of the construction industry, regardless of where the data capture inputs come from.

Drones are increasingly becoming the preferred image capture vehicle for construction projects across the entire spectrum of building and infrastructure environments with photogrammetry determining the geometric properties of objects from photographic images.

drones in constructionThis report identifies three sectors of construction: buildings, infrastructure, and industrial.  While there are some significant differences, industrial plants are reported under buildings.

Infrastructure is often called heavy civil or heavy engineering that includes large public works, dams, bridges, highways, railways, seaports, airports, water or wastewater, and utility distribution.  This segment of the market is more conducive for drones because of the larger areas and distances involved, and both developed and developing regions see infrastructure as a top priority.

While this report touches on the three disciplines involved – drones, construction, and EDT/BIM – the analysis is on the spot where the three come together.

Where Is the Drones in Construction Market Headed?

The market for drones in the construction industry is relatively small when compared with the markets for drones, EDT/BIM, and construction individually, and it is a very symbiotic relationship where they all need to come together to provide the opportunities and projects to grow this market.  A drone, with its onboard camera, is just a tool for capturing images, and EDT and BIM solutions are the true essence of the construction industry, but with a drone, there is the ability to capture a new and different perspective

Drones in Construction Industry Strategic Issues

Users have been exhibiting a cautious optimism toward drones in construction, but their time has come.  It’s now a question of just where and how drones can be utilized in commercial applications.  So how can suppliers get the construction users into the program sooner than later?

  • Are different strategies required for users vs. suppliers?
  • Which type of construction has the biggest potential?
  • Understanding the elements to having own drone program?
  • Are drones valuable tools for the construction industry?

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Worldwide Research Focus Areas


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Market Definition

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  • Drone Regulations
  • What is Drone Data
  • Construction Projects
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  • Benefits of Using Drones in Construction
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Strategic Recommendations

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Market Size and Forecasts

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Industry Participants

The research identifies and profiles the leading suppliers serving this market.  

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