Industrial/OT Cybersecurity Endpoint Protection Solutions

This report extends the analysis in the ARC Advisory Group Industrial/OT Cybersecurity Products and Services Market Analysis Report with more granular information about the industrial/OT endpoint protection solutions market.  This includes market size and growth forecasts for industrial/OT endpoint protection solutions across different global regions, industrial sectors, and product categories.  The report also identifies and positions key suppliers across various market segments.  

Industrial/OT Endpoint Protection: An Essential Element in Every Security Strategy

Endpoint protection is a central focus of every industrial/OT cybersecurity strategy.  Despite the known limitations, most industrial companies still use anti-malware software wherever possible in their control systems.  Some also use application whitelisting.  Automation companies are likewise applying these security products in their control systems.

Industrial/OT Cyber Threats Vary in SophisticationEndpoint protection solutions used in industrial/OT systems are generally the same as those used for corporate IT.  However, the application of these products is more constrained.  Industrial users also have unique challenges in maintaining malware signatures, etc.  These differences impact the features industrial users want and the value they place on the new developments occurring in the endpoint protection market.

Suppliers in this market provide industrial/OT endpoint security solutions to automation companies, system integrators, and end users.  These products are used to secure new and previously installed automation and SCADA systems. Market success requires an understanding of industrial control system needs.

The market for industrial/OT cybersecurity endpoint protection solutions experienced strong growth in recent years.  COVID-19 disrupted this situation.  Many industrial companies postponed the capital projects that fuel sales of industrial/OT endpoint protection solutions.

ARC research indicates that the industrial/OT endpoint protection solutions market will contract significantly in 2020.  However, the-post COVID-19 environment will offer good growth opportunities for those suppliers that understand the challenges and significant changes occurring in this market.  This report provides the insight suppliers need to navigate this dynamic landscape.

Industrial/OT Endpoint Protection Market Strategic Issues 

COVID-19 may have lessened urgency about industrial/OT cybersecurity, but the need to secure facilities will re-emerge as a critical issue.  The safety, environmental, and financial risks of a cyber compromise are simply too large to ignore.  Operational changes will also create new security challenges that must be addressed.  

Following are some of the major factors that will determine how this renewed interest in cybersecurity translates into growth for the post COVID-19 industrial/OT cybersecurity endpoint protection solutions market.

Financial Losses from COVID-19 Will Constrain Non-Essential Spending 

Financial losses during the COVID-19 pandemic will force some companies and infrastructure operators to limit non-essential spending.  Industry and regional factors determine the extent to which cybersecurity is considered essential and the level of protection required.  Industrial/OT endpoint protection solutions are foundational elements that must be included in every cybersecurity program.  As a result, the availability of capital will have less impact on this market than for advanced cybersecurity products.

Changes in ICS Sales Impact Demand for Endpoint Protection Solutions

Sales of new industrial control systems drive a major portion of the sales of industrial/OT endpoint protection solutions.  ARC’s projections for the industrial/OT endpoint protection solutions market reflect ARC’s forecasts for industrial control system markets.   This includes sales of anti-malware and application whitelisting solutions.

Cyber Concern Drives Legacy System Protection Market

Investments in industrial/OT cybersecurity endpoint protection solutions for legacy systems are driven by cybersecurity assessments which may be constrained until a COVID-19 vaccine is available.  Depending on industry and region, managers may also consider security discretionary and postpone these investments.  This will affect the timing of sales in different regions and industries.

Digital Transformation Creates New Endpoint Protection Issues

Digital transformation initiatives create new cyber risks with cloud connections, expanded use of new sensors, and increases in mobile devices.  These efforts have continued and even accelerated in some industries during the pandemic.  Other industries are using digital transformation to address recovery challenges and alleviate future dependence on on-site workers.  Industrial/OT endpoint protection solutions play an essential role in enabling these efforts.  This will drive additional growth and adoption of more advanced endpoint protection products.

Industrial/OT Cybersecurity Spans Many Product and Service Markets

The Industrial/OT Cybersecurity market spans several different technology and service categories.  COVID-19’s impact on these categories vary and change the growth opportunities for specific products and services.   The top level Industrial/OT Cybersecurity Products and Services report discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the total industrial/OT cybersecurity market.  Other reports in this series extend the analysis to the next level with granular information on specific products and services.  These extended reports also include information on the competitive landscape and key suppliers.  Following are all the reports in ARC’s coverage of the industrial/OT cybersecurity market analysis:

  • Industrial/OT Cybersecurity Products and Services (Total Market Report)
  • Industrial/OT Network Security Solutions
  • Industrial/OT Endpoint Protection Solutions
  • Industrial/OT Cybersecurity Management Solutions
  • Industrial/OT Anomaly and Breach Detection Solutions
  • Industrial/OT Cybersecurity Services     

Industrial/OT Cybersecurity Endpoint Protection Study Formats and Editions Available

This market study may be purchased as a concise, executive-level Market Analysis Report (PDF).  Studies and formats available are listed below: 

MIRA Workbook Market Analysis PDF
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Table of contents is shown in the following paragraphs.

Worldwide Research Focus Areas

Strategic Analysis

  • Endpoint Protection Strategies in Industrial/OT Cybersecurity
  • Trends Driving Adoption of IT Endpoint Protection Solutions in OT Systems
  • Success Strategies for Suppliers in the Post COVID-19 World

Scope of Research

  • Market Forecasts by Region
  • Market Forecasts by Industry
  • Market Forecasts by Endpoint Protection Products

Market Size & Forecast

  • Total Industrial/OT Cybersecurity Endpoint Protection Market
  • Revenues by Region
    • North America
    • Europe, Middle East, Africa
    • Asia
    • Latin America
  • Revenues by Major Vertical Industry
    • Electrical Power Generation and T&D
    • Chemical and Petrochemical
    • Oil & Gas
    • Automotive, Pharmaceutical, and Food & Beverage
    • Water & Wastewater
    • Other Manufacturing
    • Other Critical Infrastructure
  • Revenues by Product Type
    • Anti-Malware & EDR Software
    • Application Whitelisting Software

Industry Participants

The research identifies the major suppliers serving this market. 

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