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Integral horsepower (IHP) motors and geared motors are applied in process, hybrid, and discrete manufacturing industries, commercial buildings, and municipal infrastructure.  Major applications of these motors include fans, pumps, compressors, conveyors, kilns, centrifuges, mixers, hoists, cranes, extruders, and industry specific machinery such as textile and printing.  Current market dynamics has put industrial operations in chaos and has created new challenges for motor suppliers and users.  However, the need for new infrastructure, safe food and water supply, increasing population, and energy-efficient and climate-friendly solutions continues to create demand for motors in a wide range of industries.  Governmental and public decision-makers are also increasingly working to direct the industry toward using more energy-efficient operating methods.  ARC research shows that motors not only can play a major role toward gaining a high degree of energy efficiency, but also supports to meet challenges of “digital future”.

In many industries, motor is a major asset.  Industrial IoT can play a major role in maintenance-related activities such as monitoring of health of a motor remotely.  Internet connectivity allows industrial motors equipped with sensors to be controlled and monitored more intelligently than before, resulting in added value for industrial operations.   Industrial IoT and Industrie 4.0 environment enable improved performance and uptime of rotating equipment and systems such as motors, gearmotors, or motors with AC drives and play a key role in business profitability for industries.    

ARC Advisory Group’s suite of motors-related market analysis reports are invaluable tools for motors suppliers and end users trying to navigate the ever-changing market dynamics resulting from the trend towards the digital transformation, global pandemics, trade wars, currency exchange rate fluctuations, and dynamic economic swings.  Suppliers use data and reports to benchmark themselves against the competition and optimize the opportunities in turbulent market dynamics.  Users use data and reports to learn industrial, regional, and technology trends to help guide them in selection of suppliers and products such that it maximizes their return on investments on capital expenditure.  

Integral Horsepower Low Voltage Motors

This market research report covers the Integral Horsepower (IHP) Low Voltage AC motor (asynchronous AC induction motor and synchronous PM motor) and DC motor global marketplace.  Also, this report covers geared motors (AC and DC).  The scope of this report focuses upon data collected for IHP (0.75 kW/1 HP and above), one- and three-phase LV AC motors operating at voltages of 690 or less.  The report further segments these motors by power rating as Micro (0.75-5 kW); Low-end (>5-40 kW); Midrange (>40-200 kW); High-end (>200 kW-600 kW); Mega (>600-kW).  The report identifies growth segments and market trends, as well as the challenges suppliers face to achieve expansion in a very fragmented market landscape.  With diverse economic, industry, and regional dynamics, many factors influence the development of the global market, with some factors boosting market growth, while others inhibiting it.

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Integral Horsepower Medium Voltage Motors

This global market research report covers hardware, software, and services for the medium voltage motors market with the following power ranges: >0.2-0.6 MW; >0.6-3 MW; >3-7.5 MW; >7.5-10 MW; >10 MW-20 MW; and >20 MW.   Voltage (kV) ratings are segmented into 1 to 2.3 kV, >2.3 to 3.3 kV, >3.3 to 5 kV, >5 to 7.2 kV, >7.2 to 11 kV, and >11 kV.  The report provides an insightful analysis of various important industries in this market such as oil & gas, electric power generation, mining, metals, marine, cement & glass, chemicals, and water & wastewater. In addition to the quantitative assessment, this research provides an insightful analysis of issues that will impact this business in the future. 

Medium voltage motors are predominantly higher power motors with power ranges greater than 0.2 MW.  The heavy industries such as oil & gas, mining, metals, electric power generation, water & wastewater, marine, chemical, and cement & glass dominate the use MV motors.  The market for MV motors is greatly influenced by the fluctuating price of oil and the health of the project business in “heavy industries” that include shipbuilding and marine propulsion, electrical power generation, mining – greenfield and brownfield – public infrastructure buildout to address population growth, fossil fuel exploration, and other applications that require tremendous amounts of raw mechanical force.

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Geared Motors

This report is focused on the worldwide market for geared motors with a torque rating less than 20 KNm.  A geared motor is a combination of an electric motor, a gearbox, and, optionally, a frequency inverter in a single unit.  The integrated gearbox enables the drive shaft to turn slower than the motor itself, but with much higher torque.  The report covers only devices for industrial usage; excluded are residential markets (e.g. household appliances, electric windows) and DC geared motors and precision geared motors employing servomotors.

Geared motors are used in material handling applications and are therefore found in industries such as food & beverage and transportation & logistics.  The market revenue has been analyzed on various aspects such as geographic regions, industry applications, and various torque levels available in the market.  The report also highlights the major trends that are going to affect the geared motors market during the forecast period.  In addition, the report also discusses the various driving factors as well as the challenges that the global geared motors market is exposed to.  The report also vividly describes the suppliers’ competitive landscape with special focus on the top suppliers for geared motors.

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