Oil & Gas Upstream & Midstream Automation and Software Expenditures

The Oil & Gas Upstream & Midstream Automation and Software Expenditures global market research study delivers current market analysis plus a five year market and technology forecast.

​Importance of Automation Rising in Oil & Gas Upstream & Midstream Market

This study examines the market for automation systems, software, and field devices, and the factors contributing to the growth and deployment of automation-related products, systems, and software to the upstream oil & gas market. 

Driven by the need to increase operational awareness, enable real-time information sharing, and utilize powerful analytics to improve future project planning and preparation, many exploration and production companies have been developing their digital oilfield capabilities to decrease time to first oil, reduce operating costs, and maximize production.
Today’s energy companies seek solutions for driving down project cost and complexity, reducing operating costs, and increasing production.  Faced with an exodus of experienced personnel, more owner-operators are seeking out partners that possess the domain expertise, technical experience, and resources needed to support ever more complex projects requiring more advanced automation and technology solutions and cultural transformations.

Oil & Gas Upstream & Midstream Strategic Issues

Oil & Gas Upstream & Midstream Market TrendsThis study provides strategic market information and guidance about automation systems, software, and field device systems being deployed worldwide in the upstream oil & gas industry.   In addition to quantitative assessments, key strategic issues are identified for 2014 and beyond that will have substantial impact on this market such as: 

  • Market potential and size for automation systems and field device products
  • Leading suppliers in this vertical industry sector
  • Market size in the various world regions
  • Strategies for suppliers and manufacturers in the worldwide oil & gas industry to maximize opportunities in a dynamic energy markets

Oil & Gas Upstream & Midstream Study Formats and Editions Available

This market study may be purchased as an Excel Workbook.

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Table of contents for these studies is shown in the following paragraphs.

Worldwide Research Focus Areas


Competitive Analysis

  • Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers
  • Market Shares by Region
    • North America
    • Europe, Middle East, Africa
    • Asia
    • Latin America

Market Forecast and History

  • Total Shipments of Automation and Software Solutions to the Upstream & Midstream Oil & Gas Industry
  • Shipments by Region
    • North America
    • Europe, Middle East, Africa
    • Asia
    • Latin America
  • Shipments by Product Type
    • Advanced Process Control and On-line Optimization
    • Collaborative Production Management
    • Continuous Ultrasonic Level Measurement Devices
    • Control Valves
    • DCS without SCADA
    • Emission Monitoring Systems
    • Engineering Design Tools for Plants and Infrastructure
    • Enterprise Asset Management
    • Flowmeters
    • High Power AC Drives without Midrange
    • Human Machine Interface Software
    • ICS Cyber Security
    • Industrial UPS
    • Low Power AC Drives
    • Low Voltage Motor Control Centers
    • Oilfield Multiphase Flowmetering
    • Oilfield Operations Management
    • Operator Panels
    • Operator Training Simulators
    • Plant Asset Management
    • Process Engineering Tools
    • Process Safety Systems
    • Process Simulation and Optimization
    • Programmable Logic Controllers
    • Radar Level Devices
    • SCADA Systems
    • Terminal Automation Systems
    • Toxic and Combustible Gas Detectors
    • Transmitters

Industry Participants

The research identifies all relevant suppliers serving this market. 

Representative End User Clients
Representative Automation Clients
Representative Software Clients