Substation Automation Systems

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This Substation Automation Systems market research study delivers current market analysis plus a five year market and technology forecast.  The study is available in multiple editions including worldwide and all regions. 

Infrastructure and Business Demands Drive Substation Automation Systems Market

A substation is a part of an electrical generation, transmission, and distribution system.  Substation automation is an automatic system seeking for ideal operations of the entire electrical facilities at a substation. 

Asia-Pacific is the emerging market for substation automation, and the two main powers in this region, China and India, are developing and modernizing their electrical grid infrastructure to bring electricity to more of the outlying regions; and this is resulting in new transmission lines and substations.

The transformation of the transmission and distribution substations is taking place because of the owner-operators desire/need to reduce operational expenses and meet new regulatory requirements, such as NERC-CIP (North American Electric Reliability Corporation?Critical Infrastructure Protection), among others.  The current influx of next-generation intelligent components, like the flexible IEC 61850?compliant intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) and network switches, is bringing more automation and intelligence to the power grid network to address these utility concerns. 

Cybersecurity is currently the major concern in this market.  As the communication technologies are advancing, risk of critical data safety is also increasing.

Substation Automation Systems Strategic Issues

Substation Automation Systems Market ForecastDuring the next decade, many utilities worldwide will undertake significant investments in their substation, feeder, and transformer automation technologies and solutions.  Strategies are needed to address the new technologies and the owner-operator going with retrofit or new.

  • Are different strategies required for new installations vs. retrofit? 
  • Will new distribution channels be required?
  • How is IEC 61850 affecting decisions?
  • Is cybersecurity important in substation automation?

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Formats and Editions Available

This market study may be purchased as an Excel Workbook and/or as a PDF File.  The Workbook has some unique features such as the ability to view data in local currency.  Regional studies include country and industry market data.  Country studies include market trends and industry data.  Studies and formats available are listed below:  

MIRA Workbook PDF File
Worldwide (includes regional data) Yes Yes
North America (includes country data) Yes No
Latin America (includes country data) Yes No
Europe, Middle East, Africa (includes country data) Yes No
Asia (includes country data) Yes No
China No No
India No No

Countries included in each region

Table of contents for these studies is shown in the following paragraphs.

Substation Automation Systems Worldwide Research Focus Areas

Strategic Analysis

  • Major Trends
  • Regional Trends
  • Industry Trends
  • Strategies for Success

Competitive Analysis

  • Market Shares of the Leading Suppliers
  • Market Shares by Region
    • North America
    • Europe, Middle East, Africa
    • Asia
    • Latin America
  • Market Shares by Hardware, Software, and Services
  • Market Shares by Substation Type
    • Transmission
    • Distribution
    • Collection
  • Market Shares by Project Size
    • Small (<$250,000)
    • Medium ($250,000 - $1 Million)
    • Large (>$1 Million)
  • Market Shares by Retrofit vs. New
  • Marktet Shares by Substation Ownership
    • Government Agency or State-Owned
    • Investor Owned
    • Rural Electric Co-Op

Market Forecasts and Histories

  • Total Shipments of Substation Automation
  • Shipments by Region
    • North America
    • Europe, Middle East, Africa
    • Asia
    • Latin America
  • Shipments by Hardware, Software, and Services
  • Shipments by Hardware Type
    • IED
    • Gateway
    • RTU
    • Controller
    • Server
    • Transformer Monitoring
  • Shipments by Software Type
    • HMI
    • Substation Automation Management
    • Switching Management
    • Load Management
    • IED Manager
  • Shipments by Service Type
    • Project
    • Software as a Service
    • Maintenance/Support
    • Installation
  • Shipments by Substation Type
    • Transmission
    • Distribution
    • Collection
  • Shipments by Project Size
    • Small (<$250,000)
    • Medium ($250,000 - $1 Million)
    • Large (>$1 Million)
  • Shipments by Retrofit vs. New
  • Shipments by Sales Channel
  • Shipments by Ownership
    • Investor Owned
    • Rural Electric Co-op
    • Government Agency or State-owned

Industry Participants

The research identifies all relevant suppliers serving this market. 

Substation Automation Systems Regional Research Focus Areas

Strategic Analysis

Competitive Analysis

  • Leading Suppliers in Region
  • Industry Shares in Region
  • Country Shares in Region
  • Leading Suppliers by Industry

Market History & Forecast Analysis 

  • Market History & Forecast by Country
  • Market History & Forecast by Industry

Leading Supplier Profiles

List of countries & currencies included in each region:

Country Research Focus Areas

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