ARC Advisory Group Updates Industrial Market Forecasts in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic

In addition to the human tragedy caused by the current COVID-19 crisis, the social distancing mandates related to this novel coronavirus have disrupted production operations and business across most industrial and commercial sectors.  ARC Advisory Group has updated its market models to reflect the potential impacts of the coronavirus on industrial markets based on different scenarios.    

“As industrial and infrastructure organizations struggle to navigate through these very volatile and uncertain times, it has become challenging to make the right business and ethical decisions that balance the ongoing need for business continuity with health and safety concerns for employees, customers, suppliers, partners, and the general public,” commented Andy Chatha, ARC Advisory Group president and founder.

“The tragic pandemic has also made business planning particularly challenging,” Mr. Chatha said.  “In response, we’ve developed new market models for automation products across most major industrial segments. While no one knows for certain the ultimate business impact of COVID-19 across these industries, we’ve created a variety of scenarios that ARC analysts are using to update their market analysis reports and forecasts.  These updated forecasts should make business planning more manageable for our clients.”

ARC analysts have also published a variety of public blogposts that provide relevant operational-related insights for participants across industry and infrastructure.  For more information readers should visit

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