Impact of COVID-19 on Industrial Markets

As we are all trying to navigate through these very volatile and uncertain times, we know how difficult it is to plan or make business decisions.  Here are a few things we are doing at ARC to provide you the latest market information to help you make difficult business decisions.

  1. We have written many reports and done several webcasts about the impact of the virus on industrial markets.  This research will be ongoing.  Please see links to recent content below
  2. As part of our Digital Transformation Council (DTC) webcasts, DTC members will continue to share their ideas how they are keeping their plants running during this difficult environment, click on this link.
  3. Our analysts have developed a market model to assess the impact of the virus on industrial markets.  We would be happy to share this research with you, please contact your Client Manager to schedule a call with our analysts or reach out to us at this link.
  4. We have recently launched research for over 100 topics related to our industry as part of our 2020-21 research agenda.  We will be including the impact of the virus in all of our 2020 and 2021 reports.  We have developed a preliminary forecast for many market segments, please contact your Client Manager if you would like a copy of our preliminary forecast or contact ARC at this link.
  5. We are also being asked by some of our clients to work with their investor relations departments for quotes and statements to help provide some reassurance to the financial community, as well as provide that information directly to the financial community.

The Virus is also teaching us how important real-time information is to run our businesses and it shows we must continue our journey toward becoming a Digital Enterprise.  Please contact us if we can assist you in any way.