Executives to Share Insights on Digital Transformation at 2020 ARC Industry Forum

Globalization; workforce challenges; environmental mandates; and new, potentially disruptive technologies are changing the ways industrial organizations, infrastructure, and municipalities operate and engage with their customers.  Future viability in this environment will require digital transformation.  Digital transformation goes well beyond technology; it will require organizations to rethink their operational and business processes, their value propositions, and the way they leverage their critical human resources.   These and other challenges will be addressed at the four-day, ARC Industry Forum in Orlando, Florida, Feb. 3-6, 2020.

Learn from Digital Transformation Initiatives at Dow, Audi, Covestro, Owens Corning, Georgia Pacific, Intel, Kohler, Duke Energy, and Others

Day 1 of the Forum is devoted to cybersecurity and other workshops, media announcements, and a meeting of the Digital Transformation Council.  On Day 2, senior manufacturing executives will present the keynote addresses at the Tuesday morning General Session.  Melanie Kalmar, Corporate Vice President and Chief Information Officer; and Peter Holicki, Senior Vice President at Dow; will discuss how Dow is leveraging new technologies and processes to transform its business and manufacturing operations.  Henning Löser, Senior Manager at the Audi Production Lab, will then share insights on digital transformation at Audi, including the development of that leading automotive company’s smart factories.

At the Day 3 General Session, Jane Arnold, Executive Vice President of Global Process Control Technology at Covestro; Jim Beilstein, Vice President of Advanced Manufacturing at Owens Corning; Chandra Brown, Chief Executive Officer at MxD; and Michael Carroll, Vice President of Innovation at Georgia-Pacific; will explore the drivers for and challenges of planning, implementing, and sustaining transformative change. The focus of this executive panel discussion will be on successful scale-up of digital transformation initiatives and building an effective digital workforce.

Additional executive presenters will include: Christine Boles, Vice President of the Internet of Things Group at Intel; Mandy Huth, Vice President of Cybersecurity at Kohler, and Jason Handley, Director of Smart Grid Emerging Technology at Duke Energy.

Senior executives such as these continue to support ARC’s annual Industry Forums because they present exceptional opportunities to learn from and network with their peers.  According to Marty Martin, Director of Process Control Technology at Air Liquide, “It was an honor and pleasure to be invited to speak at the [2019] ARC event.  I was impressed with the level of knowledge I was exposed to at this conference; this will become an annual event for me.”  Kevin Fulton, Director of Engineering at Lilly echoed these sentiments, “For me, since I’m from the pharma industry, coming to the ARC forum gives me a chance to interact with folks in like roles from different industries. It’s been very valuable for me to bring ideas and new connections back to my company and apply them to our business.”

Cybersecurity and Disruptive Technologies

Other Forum sessions and workshops will focus on cybersecurity for industry and infrastructure, operational technologies for smart cities, IT/OT convergence, open process automation, industrial asset performance management, and successful application of new digitally enabled technologies and approaches.  The latter include advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI and ML), augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), industrial IoT, digital twins, edge and cloud computing, mobility, additive manufacturing, and robotics.  

The full agenda for the upcoming ARC Industry Forum agenda is available on the ARC website.

An Invitation to Join in the Conversation

The 24th annual ARC Industry Forum in Orlando offers a unique opportunity for professionals from industry, infrastructure, and cities to learn from their peers and share their own experiences and lessons learned in their respective digital transformation journeys.

End users will also have an opportunity to share ideas and experiences with their peers from a variety of industries and sectors at a meeting of the Digital Transformation Council.

To learn more about the ARC Industry Forum, or to register, readers should visit https://www.arcweb.com/events/arc-industry-forum-orlando or contact us by clicking here.

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