Gateway and Router Market Reflects Dynamic, Evolving Industrial IoT Edge Environment

New ARC Advisory Group research on the Industrial IoT Gateways and Routers market finds that Industrial IoT gateways and routers have evolved from their traditional role in hardware-based serial-to-Ethernet conversion to platforms for IT/OT convergence, edge-to-cloud integration, and edge computing. This position will be threatened going forward with fewer opportunities for retrofit installations and as both thick edge compute devices, such as IPCs and edge servers, as well as intelligent endpoint devices, increasingly incorporate edge functionality. Standardization on IP-based wireline and wireless networks will contribute to this trend, as will container-based application protocol conversion and the overall market emphasis on software and service capabilities vs. hardware.

"Industrial IoT edge devices are now recognized as critical enablers of digital transformation strategies. Market emphasis is shifting toward software and services for value add and competitive differentiation. While retrofit applications for installed assets remain a major driver, Industrial IoT gateways and routers face threats from the potential for their functionality to be absorbed by other components of digitally transformed architectures," according to Chantal Polsonetti, Vice President and key author of ARC's Industrial IoT Gateways and Routers Market Research Report.

Industrial IoT Gateways and Routers Market Trends

In addition to providing detailed competitive market share data, the report also addresses key market trends as follows:

  • Cellular connectivity will continue to penetrate applications served by wireline infrastructure and will benefit from increasing emphasis on remote and mobile capabilities.
  • Edge applications focused on AI/ML, AR/VR, and video analytics exhibit the most potential due to their local processing requirements and the need for their output in the OT environment.
  • Ongoing penetration of cloud-native technologies and IP-based connectivity is expanding the possibilities for distributing compute throughout the architecture.
  • The competitive landscape is evolving as enterprise cloud providers, IT suppliers, and telecom operators descend to the edge, resulting in both disruption and consolidation.  The customer landscape is evolving as IT, OT, and line of business personnel all emerge as stakeholders at the edge.

Leading Suppliers to the Industrial IoT Gateways and Routers Market Identified

In addition to providing specific market data and industry trends, this ARC market research also identifies and positions the leading suppliers to this market and provides and summarizes their relevant offerings. An alphabetical list of key suppliers covered in this analysis includes Aaeon, AAaeon, ADLINK, ads-tec, Advantech, Cisco, Cradlepoint, Digi International, EXOR International, Eurotech, HMS Networks, HP Enterprise, Huawei, InHand Networks, Machfu, Moxa, MultiTech, Nexcom, Pepperl+Fuchs, Siemens, Sierra Wirelessdvantech, Cisco, Cradlepoint, Moxa, MultiTech, Sierra Wireless.

About the Industrial IoT Gateways and Routers Research

Industrial IoT Gateways and Routers Market TrendsThis ARC research explores current market performance and related  technology and business trends, identifies leading technology suppliers, and provides five-year global forecasts for the Industrial IoT Gateways and Routers market. This new research is based on ARC’s industry-leading market research database, extensive primary and secondary research, and proprietary economic modelling techniques. The research includes competitive analysis, plus five-year market forecasts by region, industry, network type, revenue category, installation type, and customers.

This new research is available in a variety of formats to meet the specific research and budgetary requirements of a wide variety of organizations. These include a:

  • Market Intelligence Workbook (Excel) - Personalized spreadsheet includes up to three years of historical data in addition to the current base year market data and five-year market forecast. This workbook enables licensed users to freely manipulate the data to make it easier to analyze the latest data for business intelligence and generate custom reports.
  • Concise Presentation Market Analysis Report (PDF) – This wide-screen presentation format makes it much easier to find detailed information on a market. This new format provides executives, business unit managers, and other authorized users with immediate access to in-depth market analysis, including analysis associated with every market data chart and figure. Included is an executive-level summary of the current market dynamics, five-year market forecast, and competitive analysis, plus an overview of strategic issues. The PDF is available with a comprehensive set of charts with associated analysis.

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