3D Mapping Capabilities across India to be Provided by Bentley Systems and Genesys International

Author photo: Ralph Rio
By Ralph Rio
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Bentley Systems, Incorporated and Genesys International, a provider of advanced mapping and geospatial content services, announced that Genesys’ 3D City Digital Twin Solution for Urban India – the first city digital twin project launched by 3D Mapping Capabilitiesany Indian company – will be powered by OpenCities 365, Bentley’s infrastructure digital twin solution for cities and campuses. This massive mapping and surveying project has begun and will capture most of urban India.

Once a 3D digital twin for each of the cities is ready, engineering and application data layers can be added based on an end-user’s requirements. These 3D city digital twins will enable local governments to improve public services, including urban governance, disaster management, emergency response, and tourism. Additionally, it will help governments deliver more resilient and sustainable environments for their citizens through enhanced urban development, optimized road, rail, utility, and water network upgrades, location-based services, and other smart city initiatives. On the private corporate front, processes followed in verticals such as telecommunications and broadband infrastructure, city gas distribution, e-commerce, construction, autonomous navigation, renewable energy and various other verticals will be served and modernized by these 3D digital twins. The openness of Bentley applications provides Genesys further benefit because the software can connect with other asset management systems, such as  third-party geospatial information systems, to capture and read that data.

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