ABB and CORYS Sign MoU for Digital Collaboration

By Ralph Rio

Acquisition or Partnership

The agreement reflects a strategic collaboration between ABB and CORYS, with both companies committed to delivering advanced digital twin technology to help drive down capital and operational costs and reduce risks for customers.

Leveraging ABB Ability 800xA Simulator, ABB delivers complete digital replicas of a plant’s control system.  Combined with CORYS’ high-fidelity Indiss Plus process modeling simulator, customers can benefit from a complete digital twin solution that supports training and allows operators to validate and test control strategies and production processes, as well as manage changes during the lifecycle of operations.

The collective digital solution is expected to reduce capital expenditure in greenfield projects, by improving quality of the control applications, reducing number of late changes, training the operators and by reducing the number of commissioning and start up hours.

Applicable for use in brownfield sites, operators can utilize the ABB CORYS digital twin package to build intelligent models and run scenarios to increase performance of plant operations.  This includes improving plant efficiency and availability, as well as reviewing and managing equipment and assets across the plant, enabling maintenance teams to build an effective condition-based maintenance program.

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