AIM Selected as International Registration Authority for RFID Tag ID Numbers

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By Chantal Polsonetti
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AIM, the trade group for the automatic identification industry, has been designated as the International Registration Authority (RA) for the ISO/IEC 15963 Standard “Information technology – Radio frequency identification for item management Unique identification for RF tags” by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).  In this capacity, AIM will be responsible for handling all aspects of the registration, issuance and tracking of Issuing Codes related to ISO/IEC 15963.

ISO/IEC 15963 is one of a series of international standards and technical reports developed for the identification of items (items management) using RFID technology.  This standard describes number systems for the unique identification of a radio-frequency tags.  The unique ID can be used:

  • for the traceability of the integrated circuit itself for quality control in its manufacturing process,
  • for the traceability of the RF tag during its manufacturing process and along its lifetime,
  • for the competition of the reading in a multi-antenna configuration,
  • by the anti-collision mechanism to inventory multiple tags in the reader’s field of view, and
  • for the traceability of the item to which the RF tag is attached.

AIM will assign the integrated circuit manufacturer registration number to organizations that request such an identifier where appropriate. AIM will maintain and publish a register of numbers that have been registered.

Those interested in learning more about ISO/IEC 15963, obtaining an RFID Tag ID number, or other matters related to AIDC, can visit the AIM website, or email AIM Headquarters.

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