Airtel Launches ‘Airtel IoT’, a 5G Ready Platform for the World of Connected Things

By Chantal Polsonetti

Company and Product News

Bharti Airtel launched ‘Airtel IoT’ – an integrated platform that enables enterprises to harness the power of Internet of Things (IoT) and be ready for the emerging era of connected things. Airtel is a large player in India’s 5G Ready PlatformB2B connectivity space and serves over 2,500 large enterprises, as well as one million medium and small enterprises.

Airtel IoT is an end-to-end platform with the capability to connect and manage billions of devices and applications in a highly secure and seamless fashion. At its core is Airtel’s 5G Ready network that comes with the option to deploy NB-IoT, 4G or 2G connectivity using Airtel e-SIM technology.

It also has a flexible set of APIs to eliminate cumbersome integration journeys and allows enterprises to streamline the process of connecting, collecting, and analyzing data through their existing workflow tools. Airtel’s telco grade Security helps enterprises ensure that their IoT data is safe and available in real time for analytics and service delivery.

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