ARC Forum Nozomi Networks Workshop: Real-World OT and IoT Cybersecurity

By Larry O'Brien

Technology Trends

The ARC forum is drawing near and will held in person once again at the Renaissance Orlando Sea World Hotel from June 6-9. You can find more information about the Forum here and you can register here. Registration is free for end-users. OT cybersecurity has been a key part of the ARC Industry Forum for over a decade now. Our Monday June 6 schedule includes an entire day of workshops, panel discussions, and presentations, with many other cybersecurity-focused presentations and sessions throughout the rest of the week.  

Nozomi Networks

Asset Visibility, Monitoring, and Threat Detection

On Monday, June 6 at 1:15 PM you can attend a workshop sponsored by OT cybersecurity supplier Nozomi Networks. During this session and demo, you will see real-time asset visibility, monitoring and threat detection in action. Learn how to quickly identify and protect your networks from threats while accelerating digital transformation and IT/OT convergence for your company. 

Nozomi Networks was founded in Europe in 2013 by researchers focused on industrial/OT control systems security. The company’s product, Guardian, is a behavior-based anomalous message detection solution using behavioral and signature methods. This includes a variety of passive sensors and an optional smart polling solution that extends asset inventory capabilities. The company’s Central Monitor Console (CMC) provides user access to asset and threat information. The company also offers an optional threat intelligence service that updates Guardian with the latest threat information.  

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