ARC Industry Forum Europe 2020 Goes Virtual

Author photo: Constanze Schmitz
ByConstanze Schmitz
Industry Trends

The ARC Industry Forum Europe is being reinvented as a virtual event, May 18th – 20th, covering IT, OT, and ET Converge; AI and ML; Asset Performance Management; Cybersecurity and Safety etc.

The current situation with the coronavirus has led us to re-invent our ARC Industry Forum in Europe and offer it to you as a Virtual Forum this year, May 18th to 20th.  There is a feeling of solidarity in the industry right now, and if we are creative and flexible, we can beat this disruption and minimize its impact on our lives and our business!

Driving Digital Transformation in Industry

Disruptive new technologies and methodologies have already gained a foothold in most organizations.  ARC Industry Forum EuropeCloud, Machine Learning, Edge Computing, IoT, Cybersecurity Best Practices, Additive Manufacturing, Augmented Reality, and DevOps are enabling new business processes and obscuring traditional functional boundaries.  OT, IT, and ET teams are growing their skills and capabilities and transforming real-time operations.  Executives charged with driving transformation are seizing the moment to innovate and deliver real value.  By using data, digital technologies, and machine learning, organizations can ask questions about their interactions with customers, then map those learnings back to how assets are deployed and managed in operations.  They can optimize business processes, respond quickly to customer needs and market trends, and improve profitability and shareholder value.

Burning Questions

How will disruptive technologies change existing products, plants, and cities?  Can cybersecurity threats be overcome?  How will machine learning, artificial intelligence, and open source solutions transform operations?  How will a digitally enhanced workforce stem the loss of tribal knowledge?  How do connected products create opportunities in aftermarket services?  What steps can organizations take to foster innovative thinking?

There are countless ways to conduct your digital transformation journey, many technologies and suppliers to evaluate, and endless choices to make along the way.  Embedded systems, networks, software platforms, augmented reality, and machine learning may play a role as you begin to improve uptime, optimize operating performance, enhance service, and re-think business models.

Forum Topics

Topics at the Forum will cover the following themes:

  • 21st Century Operations: Where IT, OT, and ET Converge
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Asset Performance Management
  • Automation Innovations
  • Cybersecurity and Safety

The virtual ARC Industry Forum Europe 2020

Join us online at the annual ARC Industry Forum Europe in our new Virtual Forum format, May 18-20, 2020. Learn more about how digitizing factories and infrastructure will benefit technology end users and suppliers alike.  Discover what your peers and industry leaders are doing today and what steps they are taking in their respective journeys. To register and ask any questions you may have, please e-mail


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