Armis Bolstering Its Position in AI for OT Cybersecurity with Acquisition of Silk Security

Author photo: Larry O'Brien
ByLarry O'Brien
Acquisition or Partnership

Cybersecurity provider Armis, one of the leading suppliers that ARC follows in the industrial cybersecurity space, has announced its acquisition of Silk Security for $150M. In a blog post by Armis CEO and cofounder Yevgeny Dibrov, a big reason for the acquisition is to bolster the capabilities of its AI driven Armis Centrix for Vulnerability Prioritization and Remediation product. Silk Security brings additional capabilities for things like automating risk identification, prioritization, and remediation. According to Dibrov, "The acquisition of Silk Security aligns seamlessly with Armis’ strategy of offering end-to-end exposure management solutions capable of monitoring and managing all assets and devices across an organization’s digital footprint from the ground to the cloud. Over the past eight years, Armis has built its AI-powered Armis Centrix platform to encompass every facet of cyber threat exposure management which includes asset discovery and management, early warning threat detection, vulnerability discovery, prioritization, and now, remediation."

AI for OT Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity providers are increasingly using AI to automate tasks that would otherwise require a significant amount of work by humans. End users are deluged by cybersecurity alarms and alerts. With the influx of cloud computing and IoT, the amount of incoming data is growing exponentially. Earlier this year, Armis acquired CTCI, which bolstered company's "early warning capabilities through AI-driven insights gleaned from dark web activity, dynamic honeypots, and strategic intelligence gathering." 

Armis anticipates that the acquisition of Silk Security will "streamline the remediation process from the deluge of security findings they face daily. With a focus on prioritization, automation, remediation and traceability, Armis Centrix equips organizations with the tools needed to mitigate any security finding swiftly and effectively, enabling ongoing risk reduction as well as enhancing compliance and security posture."

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