AVEVA Previews Industrial AI Assistant in Collaboration with Microsoft at Hannover Messe

Author photo: Craig Resnick
ByCraig Resnick
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AVEVA reinforces its collaboration with Microsoft with a preview of its new industrial AI assistant, which will be available to view live on the show floor at Hannover Messe.

Industrial AI Assistant

AVEVA's new industrial AI assistant, running on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, is a virtual subject matter expert that is helping to drive Industry 5.0. It represents a paradigm shift in how industrial organizations can help to answer complex questions in mission-critical environments. The time to get an answer can be as quick as just seconds. AVEVA’s AI assistant acts as a virtual expert, helping to simplify the task of extracting insights from multiple scattered data sets to help answer complex, multi-stage questions. Industrial teams can leverage large language models (LLM) and generative AI through a more intuitive interface that best leverages AVEVA’s 50+ years of expertise in industrial software and analytics. Security and trust are engineered into the AI assistant. Analytic quality is enhanced by strict engineering prompts and cross-critique methodologies to help ensure that the AI assistant’s answers are robust and transparent, referencing sources and citations. To protect data security and ownership, proprietary data is not blended with the LLM or any other third-party sources.

Together, AVEVA and Microsoft are helping to accelerate the delivery of industrial intelligence and empower industrial users to better utilize the power of AI technology. With Microsoft's solutions and AVEVA's industry expertise and software, businesses can help to better capitalize on the power of technology to become more agile, resilient and environmentally sustainable. AVEVA is actively co-innovating with Microsoft and is among the first industrial independent software vendors to commit to interoperability with Microsoft Fabric and CONNECT (formerly AVEVA Connect).

From April 22-26, 2024, AVEVA and Microsoft will help to demonstrate how industries are working with technologies to unify data and insights across their digital ecosystems, helping to enable deeper sustainability and efficiency. In Microsoft’s booth, located in Hall 17, Stand G06, AVEVA will use a wind turbine example to demonstrate how AVEVA’s industrial AI assistant supports an operator through the full workflow, from investigating abnormal performance, to identifying the cause and preparing the required maintenance actions. This demonstration, which includes a 3D intelligent digital twin, will showcase AVEVA’s advanced capabilities in facilitating enhanced collaboration and operational efficiency. 

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