AT&T Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Workshop at ARC Forum

By Larry O'Brien

Industry Trends

How can business leaders in manufacturing determine what’s really needed to safeguard their business from a cyberattack? AT&T will strive to help end users answer this question at a workshop on Monday, February 4 at 1 PM at the ARC Forum, where they will discuss the state of cybersecurity for manufacturers and how the industry is responding to the increased security threats to their data. Attendees will learn how manufacturers can create a shared responsibility between IT and OT to help protect business data from both external and internal threats. You’ll walk through a basic cybersecurity risk assessment and explore what each level of risk means for your business and steps you can take to address the vulnerabilities.

AT&T Cybersecurity Assessment Workshop

IT/OT Convergence and Cybersecurity

Many industrial companies still view IT and OT cybersecurity as separate challenges. Different concerns and practices seem to justify siloed efforts and separation of responsibilities. However, attackers are already exploiting gaps between IT and OT defenses. For example, spam phishing is commonly used to gain privileges and entry into OT systems. And hackers are using HVAC and other poorly defended OT systems as entry points into data centers and corporate IT networks. This convergence of IT and OT at the cybersecurity level is something ARC cybersecurity analysts and expert speakers will be discussing all week at the ARC Industry Forum. 

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