Attend the Nozomi Networks Workshop at the ARC Cybersecurity Forum

Author photo: Larry O'Brien
By Larry O'Brien
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The ARC Cybersecurity Forum is coming soon. From February 6-9, we will feature a series of workshops, end ARC Cybersecurity Forumuser case studies, and panel discussions focused on OT cybersecurity. On Monday Feb. 6 we are also featuring a series of vendor-sponsored luncheon workshops. Nozomi, one of the leading OT cybersecurity suppliers, will be hosting a lunch session on Monday starting at 1:05 PM. Here's the session description:

How to transform any computer on your network into an OT security sensor

When detecting cyberthreats, identifying vulnerabilities or analyzing anomalies in your processes, it’s critical to have as much detailed network and system information as possible. More accurate and timely access to data leads to better diagnostics and faster time to repair. 

Traditionally, OT/ICS asset visibility and threat detection have relied on low-impact passive network-based monitoring. Complementing this network analysis with information about unreachable assets can provide much greater visibility to analyze threats, key attack surfaces and east-west edge traffic. 

Join our hands-on workshop to see how you can reduce cyber risks and increase security all the way to endpoint. We’ll show you how to: 

- Easily identify compromised hosts with malware, rogue applications, unauthorized USB drives and suspicious user activity
- Continuously monitor and get immediate visibility into asset changes and details 
- Monitor offline assets for more complete network visibility and analysis 
- Get accurate, contextualized, and immediate data with a non-disruptive, low impact sensor
- Eliminate externally initiated polling requests

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