Automation Fair 2018 Highlights Rockwell Automation’s IoT Strategy and PTC Thingworx Investment

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Automation Fair: A huge event!

Rockwell’s recent Automation Fair 2018 in Philadelphia  had record customer attendance (more than 8,000 customers) for this annual event when it’s held at a location other than Chicago.  This event keeps getting bigger and bigger, and it will be real interesting to see what the attendance will be next year when Automation Fair returns to Chicago.

The event always starts with the “Process Solutions User Group” (PSUG) meeting on Monday and  Tuesday, followed by “Automation Perspectives” for analysts and media firms on Tuesday morning.  The main Automation Fair event with presentations and exhibits highlighting Rockwell Automation and partner company products and services traditionally takes place on Wednesday and Thursday.  The expansive program of free technical training programs at Automation Fair remains a major draw for the company’s end users.  Among other announcements made this year, Rockwell introduced its first industrial control products that enable its customers to deploy CIP Security in their operations to support defense-in-depth for critical infrastructure.

At PSUG, Rockwell’s customers and personnel presented an impressive array of success stories in a wide variety of global installations.  Likewise, at Automation Fair, the company and its partners demonstrated an inspiring range of industry-leading products along with a glimpse of things to come.  Rockwell Automation is planning for double-digit growth in 2019 under the umbrella theme of “Expanding Human Possibility”.

New comprehensive solution for Industrial IoT

At Automation Perspectives, Blake Moret, Rockwell Automation Chairman & CEO, and Jim Heppleman, President of PTC, explained their new partnership.  The companies have come together with a combined offering called FactoryTalk Innovation Suite, powered by PTC.  According to Mr. Moret and Mr. Heppleman, this will provide a comprehensive, unified solution for Industrial IoT from the plant floor to the top floor.

Automation Fair highlights PTC and Rockwell Automation partnership
Jim Heppleman of PTC and Blake Moret of Rockwell Automation discuss the business value of their partnership


Rockwell Automation and PTC partnership provides powerful synergies
Slide from Automation Perspective compares the combined capabilities of Rockwell Automation and PTC to leading competitors


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