Autonomous Vehicles for First & Last Mile Applications

By Jim Frazer

Industry Trends

A Thought-Provoking Discussion with Joe Moye, CEO of BEEP

Listen to Joe Moye, CEO of BEEP, on the subject of Autonomous Vehicles for Last Mile Applications. 

Beep was founded by experienced fleet managers and technology entrepreneurs. Beep delivers the next generation of services for autonomous passenger mobility to fleet operators in planned communities and low speed environments across the public and private sector, including transportation hubs, medical and university campuses, town centers, and more. From route planning to on-board interactive services, Beep’s offerings are designed to drive differentiation and innovation, and delight the passengers of our customers.

 Listeners to this podcast will:

 1.       Learn about Beep’s strategy to make the autonomous vision a reality, including how Beep is positioned in the market & what sets the company’s approach apart from other autonomous technology entities and/or services.

2.       Examine how Beep is proving out and mapping out the business case for autonomous mobility in the short term, near term and long term

3.       With much confusion out there across the public on ADAS (on regular passenger vehicles) vs. true Level 4 and 5 autonomous operations, explore how Beep has been helping to introduce autonomous mobility to the public across a variety of deployments to date?

4.       From a smart city perspective, examine how Beep describes how autonomous mobility is being adopted in municipalities in smart city ecosystems today. In particular, the need for smart infrastructure to help realize safe, trusted Level 4 and 5 autonomous in urban environments.

5.       Discuss the firsts and differentiation points of the Peachtree Corners, Georgia application including 5G / C2VX applications

6.       Determine what real-world service examples shed light on the practical deployment of autonomous services across the country – in terms of real value, not just in concept?


Listen in to the full discussion here:




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