AVEVA and Databricks Forge Strategic Collaboration to Accelerate Industrial AI Outcomes

Author photo: Colin Masson
ByColin Masson
Acquisition or Partnership

AVEVA and Databricks, the Data and AI company and inventor of the data lakehouse, have announced a strategic partnership aimed at reshaping the future of industrial software through an open, secure, and governed approach to data and AI. This collaboration will drive a closer integration between AVEVA Connect, AVEVA’s industrial intelligence platform, and the Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, offering customers a suite of capabilities to unlock the full potential of their data and AI investments, enabling them to derive deeper insights, make data-driven decisions, and drive operational efficiency and sustainability across the industry.

Accelerate Industrial AI Outcomes

The path to AI-driven industrial transformation is fueled by data. Through AVEVA Connect and Databricks’ Data Intelligence Platform, which is available across all three major clouds, businesses are empowered to accelerate the development of predictive capabilities, AI models and Generative AI applications through access to trusted, secure, and unified datasets.

The partnership will act as a catalyst for AVEVA’s vision of a connected industrial ecosystem by enabling seamless and secure sharing of data amongst different industry applications and community stakeholders, orchestrated by AVEVA Connect. An open approach for industry collaboration and secure, cross-platform data sharing, powered by Databricks’ Delta Sharing, will help mutual customers in manufacturing, energy, consumer packaged goods and pharmaceutical sectors to identify new sources of value and gain flexibility in industrial processes, without compromising on security and governance.

ARC's Take: As an industrial software leader in handling the massive amounts of time-series data generated by industrial sensors and automation equipment, AVEVA had already made significant progress and made roadmap announcements about their plans to handle more complex data types required for Industrial AI use cases at AVEVA World 2023 with AVEVA Connect. AVEVA's  partnership with Databricks, the pioneer and leader in Enterprise Data Fabrics, should accelerate progress towards an Industrial (Grade) Data Fabric, potentially accelerating time to value from industrial AI use cases and the Industrial AI (R)Evolution.

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