AVEVA Expands into The Discrete Manufacturing Market

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

AVEVA has unveiled its new Discrete Lean Management software to help support digital transformation in the discrete manufacturing market.  The new offering will help to improve operational efficiency through the digitalization of lean work management for both manual and automated production lines.  AVEVA’s digital tools are designed to be quicker to deploy and easier to use to further enable access to production information, KPIs and notifications on dashboards, workstations and mobile devices to help improve overall equipment and labor effectiveness, and to facilitate data-driven continuous improvement.

AVEVA Discrete Lean Management is designed to address the issues faced by operating manufacturing plants still using paper-based systems for lean and work order management, work instructions and data collection procedures.  It enables physical records to be replaced with digital tools that help to mitigate the risk of manual processes and provides real time visibility into production performance allowing better team collaboration in response to production issues.

Yielding More Successful Results in Schneider Electric Manufacturing Plants

The AVEVA Discrete Lean Management software solution is used in Schneider Electric’s manufacturing plants and has been already deployed in more than 70 of their smart factories globally, resulting in a reported increase of 10 percent in productivity due to downtime mitigation and 70 percent improved response-time due to automated escalation of production issues.

The solution also helps to minimize the number of manual production and lean data collection tasks by leveraging the full range of AVEVA’s connectivity to IoT devices and over 200 plant automation systems.  AVEVA’s global presence and partner ecosystem help to enable manufacturing companies to execute their Industry 4.0 and manufacturing operations transformation strategies.  It is available as a part of the AVEVA Flex subscription program, designed to give customers additional flexibility in the procurement, design, management and utilization of their industrial control systems, helping to empower customers to adopt transformative technologies quicker and easier.

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