AVEVA Unified Supply Chain Infuses Refinery Scheduling with AI Capability

By Craig Resnick

Company and Product News

AVEVA has released its Unified Supply Chain Schedule AI Assistant, a new solution that helps to elevate refinery scheduling with AI Capability. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Schedule AI Assistant is designed to analyze up to hundreds of scenarios, Refinery Scheduling with AIoften within seconds, to help provide a choice of optimized schedules that help to do away with the need to manually run certain repetitive tasks.

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain, Schedule AI Assistant, is an optimization and AI-infused cloud-based solution. The offer is designed to further enable operational schedulers at refineries and petrochemicals plants to explore and rank various scenarios for greater efficiency and profitability with decreased emissions. The new solution is designed to help accomplish sometimes days’ worth of work in sometimes seconds, helping to better optimize decision-making and boost business agility.

Across the supply chain, analytics can automatically produce and assess multiple schedules and anticipated events, offering planners with a range of choices for optimized schedules.  AVEVA’s Schedule AI Assistant then recommends a scheduling strategy that better meets the organization's safety, sustainability, and value chain optimization objectives.

Customers can now use AVEVA Unified Supply Chain Schedule AI Assistant to help make scheduling decisions easier, while better capitalizing on economic opportunities and helping to unlock additional value across the production process.

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