AVEVA Unveils New InTouch Unlimited HMI/SCADA Software Capabilities and Pricing Structure

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ByCraig Resnick
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AVEVA announced updated capabilities and commercial models for their InTouch Unlimited HMI/SCADA software. New features, further optimized commercial models, and pricing are designed to help make it easier for end users, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and systems integrators (SIs) to develop and scale HMI/SCADA applications from edge-to-cloud, with the ability to incorporate analytics and CONNECT, AVEVA’s industrial intelligence platform.

HMI/SCADA Software

AVEVA InTouch Unlimited helps to provide system integrators with a comprehensive suite of HMI/SCADA technology. It is an all-inclusive licensing package available in perpetual and subscription models without limitations on tags, clients, and scalability. The InTouch Unlimited package features a comprehensive process historian and reporting functionality, equipping users with the ability to collect and leverage data sourced at the edge, and from multiple plants and systems across the enterprise. The modernized development tools are now available free of charge and include prebuilt templates to help accelerate design productivity, as well as more simplified tag and application development workflow leveraging industry standard protocols, such as OPC-UA and MQTT.

SIs and users can more easily develop, deploy, and scale HMI/SCADA applications using InTouch Unlimited. As a component of the broader AVEVA Operations Control software portfolio, InTouch Unlimited can utilize hybrid-cloud architecture to integrate AI features, such as predictive quality, throughput, and energy efficiency, into traditional HMI/SCADA applications. By pairing AVEVA Operations Control with CONNECT, developers can consolidate operations data from various production lines, plants, and value chains. This provides a centralized view of operations and allows the system to scale with business growth without the need for application redevelopment.

AVEVA's objective is to deliver products that make it easier for customers to evaluate their software portfolio, develop tailored solutions, and scale to meet their growing business needs.

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