Avnu Alliance Announces TSN Component Certification Program

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Industrial networking customers are increasingly turning to converged networks for integrating IT and Operations Technologies (OT). In time-critical applications where data needs to be delivered reliably and with bounded latency, IEEE 802.1 TSN capabilities can enable the co-existence of different types of traffic on the same network. For these devices to be successfully deployed and managed, interoperability and conformance with IEEE SA-defined TSN standards are essential.

TSN Component Certification

The Avnu Alliance’s new profile agnostic Component Certification Program is designed to enable the adoption of converged networking by certifying conformance with TSN standards and enabling seamless integration of compliant components and devices from multiple vendors and industries.  The program is targeted at devices used within the industrial, Pro Audio Visual, automotive, and other sectors that will benefit from TSN’s enhanced time synchronization, bounded latency, and enhanced reliability. By obtaining certification, manufacturers across multiple markets can ensure their components comply with the core TSN standards, facilitating greater interoperability while mitigating integration issues during deployments.

The program initially focuses on the TSN  substandards for timing and synchronization for time-sensitive applications (802.1AS), and enhancements for scheduled traffic (EST). It is set to expand and cover interspersed express traffic (IET) and the forwarding and queuing of time-sensitive streams (FQTSS) later this year.

Leading providers of industrial networking, computing, and automation solutions, including Intel, Texas Instruments, NXP Semiconductors, Analog Devices, and Moxa, are supporting Avnu Alliance and the Component Certification Program.

More information on the program, including guidance on how to get a device certified, can be found on the organization’s website.

Further information on the market outlook for industrial Ethernet switches, including forecasts for TSN adoption, can be found here

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