AWS IoT TwinMaker and Matterport Partner for Immersive Real-Time Digital Twins in  Facility Monitoring

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Matterport, Inc. announced the general availability of new integrations with AWS IoT TwinMaker, enabling enterprise customers to seamlessly connect Internet of Things (IoT) data into visually immersive and dimensionally accurate Matterport digital twins.

AWS IoT TwinMaker is a solution from Amazon Web Services (AWS) that makes it easier for Immersive Real-Time Digital Twinsdevelopers to create digital twins of real-world systems, such as buildings, factories, industrial equipment, and production lines. This new offering from Matterport supports enterprise digital transformation efforts by providing customers with an efficient and cost-effective solution to remotely optimize building operations, increase production output, improve equipment performance, and increase environmental health and safety at their facilities. 

The Matterport and AWS IoT TwinMaker integration is a reflection of the extensive relationship between Matterport and AWS, allowing AWS customers to link real-time operational data into Matterport’s 3D digital twins to simplify the management of complex data sets.

This integration offers new capabilities to further enable digital twin technology in the enterprise, serving customers at any stage of their digital transformation journey. Real-time operational data is integrated within Matterport’s digital twins to provide a single, unified visual representation of any physical environment and relevant, related data. 

Customers using Matterport with AWS IoT TwinMaker can experience several benefits to reduce costs and improve operational efficiencies, including: 

  • Simplifying the process to create digital representations of physical environments.
  • Increasing productivity by enabling consistent high performance of facility assets and streamlining the management of complex data sets.
  • Improving field operations in manufacturing plants with real-time IoT sensor and process data.
  • Increasing equipment uptime in remote facilities by analyzing trends and predicting issues or maintenance needs.
  • Providing remote training and expert instruction to frontline workers.

Reducing site visits and carbon footprint to realize lower operational costs, sustainability goals, and reduce risk of injury. 

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