Balluff Extends Digitalization Expertise Through Acquisitions

By Naresh Kumar Surepelly

Company and Product News

Recently, Balluff Group- a leading sensor and automation company - acquired two German companies to extend the company’s expertise in the field of digitalization.  The company acquired iss innovative software services GmbH (iss), a software services company and Matrix Vision GmbH (MV) a machine vision technology company in August, 2017.  While Balluff acquired 100 percent ownership of iss innovative software services, 25 percent of Matrix Vision's shares remain in the ownership of the previous shareholders.

Founded in 1996, iss focuses on engineering services and software development catering to automotive and supply industries.  iss is specialized in tools, test systems, processes and standardization in software development.  Also, the company has developed its own quality management system, which is based on the V model and is ISO9001-certified.  Within the Balluff Group iss will assume the role of in-house software specialist, as the company is experienced in the field of embedded systems for the automotive industry.

Founded in 1986, Matrix Vision is well known for camera-based sensor systems and machine vision. The company is specialized in the development and marketing of frame grabbers, standard industrial cameras, video sensors, embedded systems and software in industrial image processing area.

Balluff aims to combine their network technology with the hardware and software expertise of the acquired companies and provide integrated automation solutions as “one stop solution” to their customers.  This integration expands the company’s portfolio from hardware to software and services.  “To be more specific, we aim to develop open software platforms that will be needed increasingly in the future to offer our customers integrated automation solutions," says Balluff’s managing director Florian Hermle.

ARC believes that these two acquisitions will help Balluff to enhance their core competences especially in engineering services, software development, and camera-based sensor systems/machine vision technologies thus completing their portfolio for digitalization and helping them to capitalize on the growth opportunities in the area.


The Managing Directors of all three companies inform the employees about the integration (f. l.): Uwe Furtner, Erhard Meier (Matrix Vision), Florian Hermle, Katrin Stegmaier-Hermle, Michael Unger (Balluff), Michael Wäschle and Joachim Mettenleiter (iss).



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