Beckhoff to Supply BMW with IPCs and Control Panels

By Fabian Wanke

Project Success Story

Beckhoff has signed a contract with BMW to supply the automaker with industrial PCs and multitouch control IPC technologypanels through 2030.  The contract, said to be worth several hundred million euros, was announced at last week’s SPS trade fair in Germany. The products will be used for linking machines, access control, data acquisition, visualization and other PC-based tasks - both for new plants and for plant retrofitting.  Products include: IP65 panel PCs CP32xx, ultra-compact industrial PCs C6030, 19-inch slide-in industrial PCs C5240 and multitouch control panels CP29xx.

According to Beckhoff, standard products will be used some of which will be adapted for an optimum retrofit of existing systems, as well as a customer-specific push-button extension.

Is it surprising that BMW chose Beckhoff? Yes and no.  Yes, to the extent that several competitors, even large ones, applied for this contract.  No, if you know or consider that Beckhoff IPCs have been used in BMW plants for quite some time.  In Regensburg, for example, Beckhoff's control panels are used in robot systems for seam sealing and underbody protection.  BMW also uses Beckhoff products at its Leipzig plant to visualize and operate the paint shop.



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