Belden Launches Solutions Focused on Network Security, Ruggedization, and Simplified Deployment

Author photo: Chantal Polsonetti
By Chantal Polsonetti
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Belden, a leading global supplier of network infrastructure solutions, announced new data orchestration and management products that make simple and secure data transmission, connection, and management possible.

Belden Horizon is a managed software platform that streamlines secure access to remote equipment, supporting safe and simple deployment, connection, and management of OT devices and applications. The Network Securityplatform supports edge orchestration, Secure Remote Access technology, and always-on, carrier-agnostic connectivity via a Persistent Data Network that allows remote automation devices to connect with each other.  Data orchestration is the process of bringing people, devices, and functionalities together, removing silos to combine, organize, and make data available across a network to the people and devices that need it. Data management involves device and data administration and structure.

The Hirschmann GREYHOUND 105/106 Switch hardware releases include the addition of MACsec technology to enable enhanced network security through Layer 2 encryption and authentication, as well as support for HiOS Layer 3 Advanced software with unicast routing (L3A-UR).

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