Building Automation Systems Market Update

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ByLarry O'Brien

Building Automation Systems Market Update, an interview series hosted by ARC’s own, provides listeners an opportunity to hear from the analysts themselves about their most recent findings and key takeaways. For more than three decades, ARC has been recognized globally for our detailed market analyses and unrivaled accuracy. Producing a market research analysis requires an immense amount of effort, expertise, and attention to detail. Expect questions regarding scope, major trends, supplier landscapes, and much more. We are speaking with ARC's Larry O’Brien about his market analysis on Building Automation Systems.

What is the scope of the Market Analysis Report?  

   The scope of the building automation system study is essentially the building automation systems business, we're including hardware, software, and services that are directly related to the installation, and you know operations or maintenance of building automation systems. Both in the built environment like commercial office buildings and industrial applications, airports and all types of facilities and installations.

What is the supplier landscape for this market? 

   Well in no particular order we have a lot of what you would consider to be the major traditional building automation suppliers. Companies like Johnson Controls, Carrier & Train and so forth. We also have a lot of companies with strength in the industrial sector. We cover companies like Siemens, Schneider, and Honeywell. As well as other you know smaller more independent companies.

What are the key success and growth factors?

   The number one growth factor in building automation right now is sustainability. It's the push to meet sustainability related targets. It's the push to become more energy efficient. It's a push to do mass electrification of assets that were formerly powered by hydrocarbon-based sources. When you look at all the major growth factors in BAS right now, they're all somehow tied to sustainability. 

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Larry is part of the cybersecurity and smart cities and infrastructure teams at ARC, with a 30-year background in process control, process safety, and field devices/field networks.  Larry has also supported many of our end user clients in the oil and gas and refining industries and has conducted several supplier selection workshops.  

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