The Carlyle Group and Schneider Electric Extend Partnership to Develop New Infrastructure Projects, Announce AlphaStruxure Joint Venture

By Craig Resnick

Acquisition or Partnership

The Carlyle Group and Schneider Electric SE announced the extension of their partnership to develop new infrastructure projects as well as a new joint venture, named AlphaStruxure.

In addition to creating new investment and energy-as-a-service opportunities, this collaboration will leverage Schneider Electric’s capabilities in real-time connectivity, monitoring, analytics and control to current and future Carlyle infrastructure and microgrid investments.

In a market which has often faced underinvestment in smarter infrastructure due to funding constraints, the new infrastructure project partnership will offer solutions designed to help better meet the needs of a rapidly changing energy landscape.

The new infrastructure project partnership also entails the formation of a joint venture, named AlphaStruxure to help drive smarter infrastructure projects from the design and engineering phase to the development of more reliable distributed energy and microgrid networks. 

AlphaStruxure builds on Schneider Electric and The Carlyle Group’s strategic alliance to deliver an energy-as-a-service model that helps to empower its users to better stabilize long-term energy costs and upgrade energy infrastructure. By providing energy-as-a-service, users have a platform to own and operate microgrids without major capital outlay, as well as a simpler solution to better meet operational efficiency and clean energy goals. 

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