Cisco Brings the Promise of Private 5G to Enterprises and Global Partners

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Cisco announced details on its go-to-market strategy with partners for Cisco Private 5G, fostering a new Private 5G to Enterpriseswave of productivity for enterprises with mass-scale IoT adoption.

Most businesses are used to connecting people and things with Wi-Fi, but what most businesses have not experienced yet is what the power of Wi-Fi, 5G and IoT together can do for them to connect more and do more.

The Power to Transform Industries

Alongside Wi-Fi, private 5G and IoT have the potential to transform industries and redefine the future of hybrid work. Cisco views private 5G as a complement, not a replacement, for the investments businesses have made in Wi-Fi, Ethernet transport, and corresponding management systems. Private 5G is set to enable connectivity for a full range of use cases from factory floors, supply chains, university and enterprise campuses, venues, hospitals and more.

Cisco Private 5G

The foundation of the solution is built on Cisco's mobile core technology and IoT portfolio – spanning IoT sensors and gateways, device management software, and monitoring tools and dashboards. Open Radio Access Network (ORAN) technology is a key component of the solution. To this end Cisco is working in close collaboration with ORAN vendors, JMA and Airspan, and is currently in customer trials utilizing their technology.

Key differentiators of Cisco Private 5G for Enterprises:

  • Delivered as-a-Service: Delivered together with global service providers and system integration partners, the offer reduces technical, financial, and operational risks for enterprise private 5G networks. 
  • Complementary to Wi-Fi: Cisco Private 5G integrates with existing enterprise systems, including existing and future Wi-Fi versions - Wi-Fi 5/6/6E, making operations simple.
  • Visibility across the network and devices: Using a simple management portal, enterprise IT teams can maintain policy and identity across both Wi-Fi and 5G for simplified operations.
  • Pay-as-you-use subscription model: Cisco Private 5G is financially simple to understand. With pay-as-you-use consumption models.  customers can save money with no up-front infrastructure costs, and ramp up services as they need.
  • Speed time to productivity: Businesses can spare IT staff from having to learn, design, and operate a complex, carrier class private network.

Key Benefits of Cisco Private 5G for Partners:

  • Path to Profitability for Cisco Partners: For its channel partners, Cisco reduces the required time, energy, and capital to enable a faster path to profitability.
  • Private Labeling: Partners can private label/use their own brand and avoid initial capital expenses and lengthy solution development cycles by consuming Cisco Private 5G on a subscription basis. Partners may also enhance Cisco Private 5G with their own value-added solutions.

Industry Projects Underway

Cisco is working together with its partners on Private 5G projects across a wide range of industries for customers, including Chaplin, Clair Global, Colt Technology Services, ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation, Madeira Island, Network Rail, Nutrien, Schaeffler Group, Texas A&M University, Toshiba, Virgin Media O2, Zebra Technologies, and more.

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