Cognite Atlas AI, an Industrial Agent Workbench Low-code Tool, Announced by Cognite 

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ByJanice Abel
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Cognite, a recognized platform for industrial data and AI platform in the energy, manufacturing, power and renewables industries, announced Cognite Atlas AI, an industrial agent workbench low-code tool that extends Cognite’s Industrial DataOps platform, Cognite Data Fusion.

industrial agent workbench

This strategic offering is a culmination of Cognite’s Industrial DataOps and innovative generative AI capabilities. Cognite Atlas AI’s low-code industrial agent builder will help enable industrial organizations to use Gen AI to carry out more complex operations with greater accuracy, including workflow automation and decision-making support, accelerating efficiencies that can generate tens of millions of dollars in business impact.

 Cognite Atlas AI provides domain-specific insights and automates complex, industry-relevant tasks. It helps reduce the cognitive load on process engineers, field workers, maintenance teams, and other data consumers while optimizing and automating business processes that increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve operational accuracy.

Powered by Cognite’s combination of industry-tailored AI product capabilities, specialized industrial domain knowledge, and industrial generative AI delivery expertise, Cognite Atlas AI delivers everything necessary for asset-heavy organizations to orchestrate industrial agents on top of their private data, including:

  • A library of pre-built industrial agents, as well as a low-code agent builder

  • A Semantic Industrial Knowledge Graph with Context Augmented Generation (CAG)

  • Industrial use case-tailored autoLLM capabilities to identify the best Large Language Model, Small Language Model, or Custom Language Model for any given industrial agent

  • Easy deployment of industrial agents into Cognite Data Fusion®, Microsoft Copilot, proprietary applications, or other third-party applications

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