Cognizant and Google Cloud Expand Alliance to Bring AI to Enterprise Clients

Author photo: Ralph Rio
By Ralph Rio
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Cognizant, a global professional services company, and Google Cloud, a provider of enterprise cloud computing, announced an expanded partnership to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) by businesses around the world. This effort will bring AI to enterprise clients and help them create, migrate, AI to Enterpriseand modernize their AI journeys, meeting them where they are.

In deepening the alliance, Cognizant will invest in expanding its product offerings, providing training resources for tech talent development on Google Cloud, and launching innovation hubs in key technology centers worldwide to prompt collaboration and innovation around the responsible use of AI.

Building further on Cognizant's existing Data Modernization and Data Analytics specializations on Google Cloud, Cognizant will build a suite of transformative solutions for all industries, leveraging Google Cloud's generative AI, predictive AI, and analytics capabilities. The first solution suites to be offered will be for the banking, insurance, life sciences, and retail industries.    

Cognizant's solution suites will utilize Google Cloud's new suite of generative AI products, including large language models (LLMs) and Gen App Builder. Gen App Builder exploits the full power of Google Cloud generative AI to significantly lower rollout barriers (lead times, skill required, and effort) for high-value enterprise use cases, such as Conversational AI and Enterprise Search.

Cognizant will also open a series of Google Cloud AI Innovation hubs in Bangalore, London, and San Francisco. These hubs will bring together Cognizant experts, Google Cloud experts, customers, and university students to collaborate on responsible AI projects and solutions.


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