Composabl Launches No-Code UI Platform For Industrial AI Autonomous Agents

Author photo: Colin Masson
ByColin Masson
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Composabl's ex-Microsoft founding team, led by Founder and CEO Kence Anderson, has launched a No-Code UI platform that enables engineers to directly teach AI agents to work alongside them in real-world settings and infuse operator expertise. Composabl agents can make decisions based on perception, much like a human would, and reliably manage complex operations, such as robotics, drones, and a diverse range of industrial machinery.

No-Code UI Platform

The No-Code UI empowers users to create sophisticated Autonomous Agents from simple prompts, akin to designing a co-pilot—but unlike chatbots that use Large Language Models (LLM) to create a paragraph or a picture, Composabl uses LLMs to create skills and goals for a decision-making agent that can control equipment and processes in real-time. The engineer has the ability to modify these skills, import machine learning models, and employ a vast array of countless algorithms as building blocks to build and train their agent.

Colin Masson, ARC Advisory Group, commented, "Composabl's CEO and Founder is recognized leader in the field of Autonomous AI, and evangelizes a key recommendation ARC makes to our own clients as they strive to accelerate their digital transformation journeys by Modernizing their Industrial Software for the AI (R)Evolution: break down each  Industrial AI use case into the specific tasks needed, and choose the right AI technique to train each skill. LLM's are just one tool in the Industrial AI toolbox. This announcement also highlights the pervasive way in which LLMs are changing the way we interact with almost all technology, even if they are using narrow, more accurate, predictable, and cost effective AI techniques to deliver the core intelligence of the underlying solution. While we can't track every AI startup, the Composabl team has a track record in delivering value in complex Industrial AI use cases."

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