Creating a Strategic IT-OT Investment Plan

By Dick Hill

ARC Report Abstract


Many manufacturing companies today have experienced mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. Executives from three such companies presented at ARC Advisory Group’s 22nd Annual Industry Forum held earlier this year in Orlando.  As experienced at Ashland, Dow-DuPont, and Arkema, the acquired operations almost never have the same IT-OT architecture, technologies, and/or support infrastructures as at the existing operations.

While some of these companies may have standards in place for both technology and organization, the transition to these standard approaches must be carefully planned.  While the acquisition or merger was no doubt viewed as an investment in the future business potential of these companies, it’s also important to consider how the evolution of IT and OT will impact that overall investment. 

IT-OT Investment Plan

As we learned, all three of these companies considered it essential to create a strategic IT-OT investment plan.  ARC believes this is equally essential for all industrial companies today, whether or not they have been active on the mergers and acquisition front.

Clarify IT-OT Investment and Organizational Boundaries dhitotc.JPG

While acquiring an operation from another company might open one’s eyes to different ways of doing things, it often requires developing a plan.  Since no single approach will fit all situations, owner-operators must develop their own IT-OT plan that fits both their short- and long-term business objectives.

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