Cyient and Thingtrax Partner to Enable Manufacturers to Increase Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Author photo: Ralph Rio
By Ralph Rio
Acquisition or Partnership

Cyient, a global technology solutions company, announced a partnership with Thingtrax to enable manufacturers to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Manufacturers to Increase EfficiencyThe partnership will enable global manufacturers to drive higher performance across their entire manufacturing operation through AI-powered data. Cyient's end-to-end manufacturing services suite and the Thingtrax solution allow manufacturing leaders to improve operational performance by engaging people at every level to embrace a high-performance culture.

Cyient has over 30 years of manufacturing experience with over 15,000 associates, having delivered solutions to over 300 customers in 19 countries. Cyient's portfolio covers a product's design, build, and maintenance cycle to provide OEMs with a single source for optimizing manufacturing processes.

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