Dealing with the Human Factor When Implementing Artificial Intelligence

By Florian Güldner

ARC Report Abstract


Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise across industry and infrastructure.  An increasing number of companies are using the technology, but many face challenges.  While some are technical in nature and some are organizational, the human factor appears to be the most critical roadblock to date.  Hence, when implementing AI-based solutions, organizations need to consider this roadblock and use different approaches to tackle it.  

Important considerations include:

  • AI solutions should go beyond core automation functions to support additional tasks
  • AI solutions should be able to show a clear benefit to the stakeholders
  • AI solutions should be introduced at the right level of the end user organization
  • There is no “one size fits all” solution; individual approaches are required
  • Economies of scale should address the organization as well as the technology

AI Challenges and Roadblocks

There’s a saying that “Forecasts are difficult, especially, when they concern the future.”  Along the same lines, you could also say that “Change is difficult, especially, when it is new.”  In a recent survey, ARC Advisory Group asked survey participants about the roadblocks they have encountered in their AI projects for machinery applications, including the overall factors that inhibit adoption.  We show the relevant survey questions and summarize the associated responses received to date in the two charts below. 

Artificial intelligence

The charts show that the human factor, available data and associated privacy and legal constrains, and unclear use cases are all major roadblocks and inhibitors to AI in machinery applications.

Another key challenge that emerged during our “AI and Machine Learning” workshop at the recent (virtual) ARC European Industry Forum related to the scalability of techniques and algorithms.  It’s interesting to note that while, in the past, AI implementations were often multi-million-dollar IT projects, this is no longer the case and thus it appears that costs are no longer considered to be a major inhibitor.

A previous ARC Insight for clients focused on the AI use case presentations at the ARC European Forum.  In this report, we’ll focus on the related human and scalability issues.   Data issues and privacy and legal constraints will be covered in a future report once the survey has closed. 


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