Dell Unveils New Edge Operations Software Platform NativeEdge

Author photo: Patrick Arnold
By Patrick Arnold
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In 2022, Dell launched Project Frontier, an initiative that promised to deliver an edge operations software platform that would simplify, optimize, and secure Edge Operations Softwareedge operations. Dell has announced the next phase of Project Frontier: NativeEdge, their new edge platform.

Across industries, the move to the edge is accelerating. Businesses are looking for new ways to improve efficiency, reduce errors and better leverage data where and when it is generated. However, the complexity of edge installations is a significant barrier to success. Infrastructure integration, issues of scalability, lack of expertise, and security all pose a challenge for users adopting this technology.

Dell is positioning the NativeEdge platform as a solution to these struggles, targeting the following business goals:

  • Simplify. Eliminate operational complexity at scale via centralized management, zero touch deployment, onboarding and automated operations of infrastructure and applications from edge to multicloud.
  • Optimize. Make the most of edge investments using an open design that works with software applications, IoT frameworks, multi-vendor operations technology solutions and multicloud environments.
  • Secure. Ensure security from design to deployment and all along the supply chain to protect applications, data and infrastructure across the edge estate using Zero Trust security principles.

Dell is offering early access to the software platform for participants of their Edge Design Program. Members will collaborate with Dell’s Product and Engineering teams to shape the future of the platform.




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