Deloitte Is Investing $2 Billion to Accelerate IndustryAdvantage for its Clients

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As technology rapidly evolves, businesses across industries are increasingly reimagining and building products and services to better serve their customers and grow their businesses. To help with this transformation, Deloitte is investing $2 billion in accelerating IndustryAdvantage for its clients.

Deloitte Is Investing $2 Billion

This strategic investment creates new approaches to rapidly building industry-focused solutions by leveraging domain experience, coupled with the principles of modern engineering, AI, and cybersecurity. This is designed to help accelerate industry-proficiency programs for Deloitte professionals with a focus on applied technology. In addition, the commitment includes co-investment with Deloitte’s eligible clients and alliances to target new industry and sector-specific problems, leveraging Deloitte’s industry-specific assets, including more than 100 Generative AI (GenAI) enabled accelerators and new business offerings.

Accelerating industry transformation with technology

Deloitte is also building a new suite of industry-specific GenAI-enabled accelerators as well as enhancing its cloud-native Converge by Deloitte platforms with GenAI capabilities that are already supporting leading health care, banking, retail, public sector, and insurance clients. Deloitte’s suite of industry-specific GenAI-enabled accelerators are built using Deloitte’s AITM framework to help manage AI-related risks. These AI-enabled tools and solutions are tested and designed to drive innovation, enhance processes, and deliver insights across various sectors based on the Global GenAI Market Incubator which has built and deployed hundreds of industry specific implementations since its launch in 2023.

Bringing together the power of Deloitte and its alliances

The investment also includes an expansion of co-investments via industry focused incubators with some of Deloitte Global’s leading ecosystem of alliances  in a series of short sprints with product innovation and engineering. Deloitte will also expand its ecosystem to include emerging AI companies to help Deloitte and its clients remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

IndustryAdvantage training and certification for Deloitte professionals

In the current era of disruption and transformation, professional growth becomes a more dynamic, always-on endeavor. Central to this investment is the ongoing development of Deloitte’s workforce through an industry-credentialing curriculum for 25,000+ professionals, 70+ industry learning programs featuring GenAI and Deloitte’s Technology Academy, which will offer training to more than 100,000 Deloitte professionals on cutting-edge technologies.

Driving targeted industry transformation for growth

As part of this investment, Deloitte is reorganizing the way it invests in capabilities and solutions to take a more rapid and agile innovative approach, leveraging the significant investments in engineering capabilities it has made over the past number of years. It is also reorienting the insights and perspectives it brings to the market on the application of mature and emerging technologies to the industry-specific challenges enterprises are tackling today and looking to the future.

About Deloitte’s IndustryAdvantage

With IndustryAdvantage, clients have access to the full breadth of thinking, experience, and technology from across Deloitte, our people, and our ecosystems. Because of our deep sector knowledge, we can apply these capabilities in a targeted way to help our clients differentiate their businesses from the rest of the industry. Deloitte’s targeted approach to core business transformation is guided by our understanding of the future of industries. Our industry capabilities are informed by the collective insights of our strategy, engineering and innovation talent, our external ecosystems and alliances; and our broad experience delivering business-critical work for our clients. We demonstrate areas of disruption for your industry and then implement what can help your business create sustainable advantage.

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