Digital Transformation Strategies

By Greg Gorbach

ARC Report Abstract

Executive Overview

Over the last several years, industrial and municipal leaders have become increasingly interested in digital transformation. Most organizations recognize that they need to do something about it and many have some kind of transformation program under way.  We see this across all industries and among companies of all sizes.

This is not surprising, since many potentially disruptive digital technologies have emerged in recent years, carrying with them the implied promise of significant change.  Many of these technologies have moved beyond hype and, while not quite yet mainstream, use cases, practices, and solutions are becoming known and available.  Vendors have moved through the usual stages, first largely dismissing the technologies, then adding them to their roadmaps (and marketing materials), before finally incorporating them in products and solutions.  This adds pressure for organizations to “do something” about digitization.  Unfortunately, it also tends to add to the confusion. 

Digital Transformation Cuts Across All Industries

We have only begun to glimpse the potential value to our businesses.  In some cases, we can also see alarming potential threats.  This is true in discrete industries like automotive, manufacturing, aerospace, and heavy machinery.  It’s true in continuous processing industries like chemicals, power generation, and oil & gas.  It’s true in utilities, buildings, and smart cities.  And it’s true across our transportation and other infrastructure.  Clearly, this widespread digital transformation will continue to accelerate and evolve for some time.  It’s equally clear that every organization will need to innovate, change, and adapt.  The question is, how can organizations take best advantage of this disruptive transformation?

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Table of Contents

  • Executive Overview
  • Digitization Targets and Outcomes
  • Technologies
  • Change/Impact
  • Strategy and Management
  • Recommendations

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