Digital Twin Consortium and OPC Foundation Announce Liaison Agreement

Author photo: Chantal Polsonetti
By Chantal Polsonetti
Acquisition or Partnership

The Digital Twin Consortium (DTC) and OPC Foundation announced a liaison agreement to accelerate the digital twin-enabling technologiesdevelopment and adoption of digital twin-enabling technologies. The DTC and the OPC Foundation have worked closely in several open-source reference implementation projects on GitHub and have now agreed to advance the use of digital twins in manufacturing across industries.

The DTC and OPC Foundation have agreed to the following activities:

  • Collaborating on standardization requirements
  • Realizing interoperability by harmonizing technology components and other elements
  • Aligning work in horizontal domains for adoption in vertical domains and use cases, proof of concepts, and Value Innovation Platforms (VIP) programs, including:
  • Technology, terminology, and taxonomy
  • Security and trustworthiness
  • Conceptual, informational, structural, and behavioral models
  • Enabling technologies, such as simulation and AI
  • Technology stack across the digital twin lifecycle
  • Case study development
  • Developing and understanding open-source reference implementations

Both consortia will exchange information through regular consultations, joint contributor relations, seminars, open-source projects, and other activities.

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