Edge Application Services Suite Designed to Revolutionize Edge Computing Launched by ZEDEDA

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By Chantal Polsonetti
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ZEDEDA, the edge infrastructure orchestration provider, introduced ZEDEDA Edge Application Services.  This application services suite is designed to make it easier for customers to instantly gain granular control across all their edge applications, including modern AI-based applications.

Edge Application ServicesEdge computing is required to manage and process the amount of exponentially increasing edge data, but the complexity of distributed environments can make it difficult for customers to get started quickly. Similar to the path of cloud adoption, enabling access to core edge services can provide an on-ramp for organizations to benefit from an initial edge use case while also establishing a foundation for future growth.

ZEDEDA Edge Application Services are delivered using ZEDEDA’s edge orchestration solution, which is designed to reduce cost while increasing visibility, security, and control. The new suite of application services provides remote access, inventory and configuration management, with Kubernetes management services tailored to the individual needs of each deployment and customer.

ZEDEDA Edge Access: A Simple and Secure Remote Access Solution

The first service in the suite, ZEDEDA Edge Access, enables IT administrators and platform operations teams to instantly access any remote device from any location at any time. It is designed as a simple solution that provides secure access, control, and audit tracing for edge deployments.

ZEDEDA Edge Access is secure out of the box, with built-in access controls that provide full encryption of user sessions and requires no backend configuration or specialized skills. ZEDEDA Edge Access Service eliminates the overhead associated with conventional methods of remote access, providing a streamlined and efficient alternative.

ZEDEDA Edge Access Service also provides granular user control and access, enabling customers to provide third parties secure access to their edge infrastructure. For example, if there is a problem with a specific application, the software vendor or developer can securely access, audit, and troubleshoot if needed. This service, and others like it, will ultimately enable ZEDEDA partners and OEMs to generate new revenue streams.

ZEDEDA’s open, distributed, cloud-native edge management and orchestration solution has attracted strategic OEM and customer relationships with Global 500 companies, including Emerson, Rockwell Automation, and VMware. The company continues to quadruple the number of edge nodes it has under management annually, scaling toward a hundred thousand edge nodes, and has raised more than $55 million in capital from investors, including Coast Range Capital, Lux Capital, Energize Ventures, Porsche Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures, Emerson Ventures, Juniper Networks, Rockwell Automation, Samsung Next and EDF North America Ventures.

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