EdgeX Foundry Announces Additional Functionality and Features with New Delhi Code

By Chantal Polsonetti

Company and Product News

EdgeX Foundry announced the availability of its enhanced Delhi code that offers management features, additional security functionality, new Software Developer Kits (SDK), and an updated user interface.  This third major code release also offers the ability to connect to a wide-range of databases and operate EdgeX in lightweight devices.

IoT solutions are inherently heterogeneous and an open IoT interoperability framework, like EdgeX Foundry, help accelerate time to value in developing and deploying real-world use cases, such as building automation, energy management, asset management, and logistics.  The Delhi code, which was initially released in November, enables users to manage important functions, such as buffering and filtering data, applying security measures, and the ability for organizations to select and use the data store that best fits their use case and system needs.

Key features and benefits for the Delhi code include:

  • The first EdgeX system management capability, as the one-stop shop for managing an instance of EdgeX;
  • Security features, such as access control, to grant access to appropriate services and improved security service bootstrapping;
  • New Go-lang and C SDKs that allow developers to create smaller, lighter and faster device/sensor connecting services;
  • A collection of sample services and a new simple simulator that developers can use to learn the EdgeX device service framework and speed up their development efforts;
  • New user interfaces that help to visually showcase EdgeX functionality;
  • Improved resiliency, more decoupled and better tested services;
  • Updated EdgeX services that connect with a wider-range of databases such as Redis and MongoDB; and
  • The EdgeX Foundry snap published in the Snap Store for the first time.

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