Empowering System Integrator Alliance Partners in a Changing, Digital, and Sustainable World

Author photo: Craig Resnick
ByCraig Resnick

The role of System Integrator Alliance Partners has never been more important or critical than it is today. System Integrator Alliance Partners are typically on the front line when it comes to deploying and supporting key technologies to better monitor and control operations, protect against downtime, ensure high productivity, protect and upskill personnel, enable remote workforces, and do this while leveraging enhanced cybersecurity architectures. Going forward, however, in a time where the only market certainty is uncertainty, what will be required of Alliance Partners so they can continue to help their customers progress on their digital transformation and sustainability journeys to build stronger, more operationally resilient businesses that ensure long-term viability and profitable growth?



Craig Resnick from the ARC Advisory Group speaks to Luke Stephenson, Business Operations Vice President at Enterprise Automation, and Avril Zamora, Global Commercial Director System Integrators and Strategic Programs at Schneider Electric, to discuss: 

  • What are the main challenges that System Integrators Alliance Partners envision for their upcoming projects considering the new demands of end users and OEMs? 

  • How is Schneider Electric supporting its System Integrator Alliance Partners to meet these new demands? 

  • How has the System Integrators Alliance Partners journey been in upskilling and meeting these new demands? 

  • How has the Schneider Electric Alliance Partner Program helped its System Integrator Alliance Partners to secure new business opportunities? 

  • Any predictions as to what technologies are coming next that the System Integrator Alliance Partners and Schneider Electric need to be prepared for?


Based on the challenges that industrial companies face in their digital transformation journeys and preparing for the future, the value of the System Integrators Alliance Partners ecosystem working together with these companies has never been greater. The importance of this ecosystem will keep increasing as global competitive pressures and technology complexities continue to grow for industrial companies while skilled workforces and availability of workers continue to shrink, leaving industrial companies with fewer resources.

The value of the System Integrators Alliance Partners ecosystem is also found in the intangibles. For example, the success of digital transformation projects is often more often determined by company culture versus technology.  The System Integrators Alliance Partners ecosystem knows its specific customers best and understands how to empower teams throughout the enterprise, so the industrial company‚Äôs workforce buys into the projects and are invested in their success by having a sense of ownership. The System Integrators Alliance Partners ecosystem also shows the workforce how digital solutions are not job eliminators, but they actually provide greater job security as they increase the performance of the worker and the productivity and profitability of the plant. The System Integrators Alliance Partners ecosystem helps to deploy solutions that enable remote access to applications so work can be done from any location, which increases worker safety and job satisfaction. The System Integrators  Alliance Partners ecosystem helps by deploying solutions in the greatest pain-point areas, such as where unscheduled downtime is frequent, and seeks out quick measurable wins that provide project justification and short ROIs. The System Integrators Alliance Partners ecosystem helps to articulate why sustainability, resilience, and energy transition goals to net zero is essential to the long-term health and viability of the industrial company, rather than an expense that offers no short-term ROI or bottom-line benefit.

The difference between success and failure of digital transformation projects completely depends on the quality of the System Integrators Alliance Partners ecosystem, and Schneider Electric, in conjunction with its System Integrators Alliance Partners Alliance Partners Program, is certainly setting its industrial company customers up for success by not only increasing their productivity and profitability, but also increasing their sustainability and operational resilience, ensuring their long-term viability.






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