End-to-End Cloud-Based Industrial Traceability Solutions to be Offered through Rockwell Automation and Kezzler’s Partnership

By Craig Resnick

Acquisition or Partnership

Rockwell Automation announced a partnership with Kezzler AS, a cloud-based product digitization and traceability platform, to help manufacturers better capture the journey of their products from raw material sources to point-of-sale or beyond using cloud-based industrial traceability solutions that focus on the supply chain for product traceability. The combined offering is suited for customers in industries, such as life sciences, food and beverage, and consumer packaged goods, that are focused on complying with regulatory requirements and meeting consumer expectations in areas, such as product quality, safety, and sustainability.

Rockwell Automation’s supply chain capabilities will combine with Kezzler’s traceability technologies to help customers connect suppliers, manufacturing, logistics, and consumers into a single real-time traceability platform. Kezzler’s cloud-based solution provides increased integration flexibility and easier access to existing systems of record that incorporate a range of technologies from immutable ledgers (blockchain) to traditional databases. The two companies can also create unique identities that can be used to digitally identify and track products from creation to consumption. For example, Rockwell Automation and Kezzler can provide the data needed for manufacturers to aggregate the environmental footprint per manufactured product. This data can then be used for evidence and improvement or be shared directly with consumers through the product, allowing a company to use sustainability practices as a competitive differentiator.

Once the recently announced acquisition of Plex Systems closes, Rockwell Automation anticipates integrating the cloud-native factory floor track-and-trace capabilities of Plex with the end-to-end capabilities of Kezzler, providing supply chain visibility and management capabilities that are broader in scope and deeper in functionality.

Kezzler is joining the Rockwell Automation Digital Partner Program, a centralized resource for digital solutions designed to help users as they help to guide and simplify digital transformation within their manufacturing operations.

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